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Germany, where are we?

I have not yet noticed the use of the word Chancellor Cool; But I may be wrong. The use of the word cool is no longer very nice, but German equivalent, I can not think of any other word to describe how the Chancellor is Entered the Bundestack yesterday morning, In higher spirits, just like her Had his government report, Self-confidence, as if nothing had happened in the previous days: there was no federal-state meeting at the beginning of the week and no apology for the decisions taken there.

He did not criticize what was going wrong in Germany, but held the EU, countries and regions accountable. The federal government cannot do everything. Aggressively, he talked about the weaknesses in digitalization – as if someone else had ruled the country for almost 16 years. He also criticized the mood. If you ever see the negative you can not achieve anything, the mirror “If only half were empty, we as a nation would not create any creative force to get out of this crisis.”

Then their union leader, Ralph Brinkhaus, agreed, and he almost cursedEvil and sharpness“, Over”A bad culture in this countryMistakes are deliberately portrayed as corruption or failure. “Where are we?” If things continue like this, at some point no one will be held accountable for their mistakes. »The poison of anger enters inside. «

But criticizing critics does nothing better. I have already forgotten what kind of it is There was support for the government a year agoWhen was the first drastic measures taken to start the epidemic? There was support in the bandwagon, in the majority of the population, and in the media. Summer is not so different, it is the time when Germany has passed the epidemic. The harsh criticism came only when there were a lot of things to criticize.

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Of course it is difficult for us to understand the unbearable storm and a rage on the street, but giving too much importance to these features throughout the film is similar to the principle of looking at the mirror half empty.

Exhausted politics

The principal’s lively charm was also noticed yesterday as there were many faces on the bandwagon captured by the cameras. Pathetically tired Work. They were half covered with masks, but the eyes were thus emphasized: here they stared at the emptiness, and there they were almost closed.

Fatigue is not yet a type of high-performance business of high politics, you do not have it, but it is time to consider it Political mistakes over the last few weeks Here’s why: Politicians simply have not slept for months. In this sense, the fatigue factor can be very political. Sigmund Freud, the inventor of psychoanalysis, says that if the subconscious mind manifests itself where it wants to be, then at the federal-state meeting earlier this week the desire to fight an epidemic combined with a little more sleep: this is how the idea of ​​”rest days” came about. Name omen.

Storks, ministers and brave women

Because we already have symptoms: Utah Range-Heinman, The world’s first woman to qualify as a professor in Catholic theology, Died yesterday, On exactly any day Two founders of Maria 2.0 have announced they will leave the church.

The two messages go together. Range-Heinmann never shied away from criticizing what could be criticized in the Catholic Church. She described her virgin birth. “Gynecological Rotten Stork TheologyReviewed by Best and His Best SellerMinisters for the Kingdom of Heaven” again and again Church’s hostility to sex. The church reform movement Maria 2.0, founded in Munster in 2019, fights for greater equality for women in the church. The founders say they want to leave the Catholic Church out of anger over the sexual violence of priests.

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Utah heard Ranky-Heinmann, who had been a welcome guest on the talk show for decades, once applied for the federal presidency. But that alone is not enough On them Owned.

Rodspots Summit

Back to the bandestock session yesterday. FDP politician Christian Lindner has himself Response to the Chancellor’s Government Report A joke is allowed.

He mentioned the Bund-Lander-Round from the beginning of the week and said Merkel might have her own recipe, The EU summit is being delayed into the nightUntil it breaks any resistance there, that bund-lander-round will be transferred. Should there be such a recipe for Merkel, he did not transfer it to the EU video summit, which also happened yesterday. That night I called my friend Marcus Becker, a reporter in Brussels.It would have been even less if not for the brief. Austrian President Sebastian Kurz wanted to change the distribution of vaccines in Europe.


… may be in the near future Charland Both. Hopefully things will change differently, but Looking to loosen in the middle of the third waveAs the Prime Minister of Charland did Tobias Hans Now By the time Easter is over, It can’t go really well.

Awesome Today RKI can call neighboring France a high event area. Travelers to Germany must then submit a negative corona test, which should not exceed 48 hours. This restriction already applies to border traffic between Charland and the Moselle sector. For the most infectious variant of the virus, 48 ​​hours is a lot of time.

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I wish you a good start.

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