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“Saudi Guards Trained by US and Germany”

“Saudi Guards Trained by US and Germany”

The Saudi monarchy’s systematic policy of physically removing Ethiopian settlers at the border is increasingly taking on international dimensions. After Human Rights Watch’s report on August 21st, it was immediately understood that Riyadh’s attempt to keep the massacre secret did not last long.

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Thousands of Ethiopians were massacred on the Saudi border

Despite this, very little has changed: although the US and the EU were already aware of the carnage between autumn and winter last year, they did not intervene on the Saudi ally and the carnage continued unabated.

Now it is revealed Another piece: Germany and the US would have been responsible for the killing of thousands of Ethiopian migrants on the Yemeni border to train the monarchy’s border guards.

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Saudi massacres of Ethiopians, US and EU are visible

Long-term training programs, as the British newspaper defined them GuardianDesigned for Saudi military forces under the Ministry of Interior, dedicated to the “security” of borders, sea and land.

Yesterday Berlin announced it was ending cooperation in training the kingdom’s border guards (started in 2009), after learning of reports of “massive violations of human rights,” he wrote in a memo. Guardian German Foreign Ministry. He added: “After these reports were made known, the exercises have already been suspended and, as a precaution, are not included in the current plan”.

Note That’s saying little, actually: It’s unclear whether cooperation ended after last week’s HRW report, a so-called “pause,” that dates back to at least October 2022 UN reports on border killings.

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If Germany chooses vague declarations, the US chooses denial as an exit strategy: it is not true that we have trained the Saudi border police, but only those involved in “maritime security” (the plan has been in place since 2008 and was interrupted last June). It also insists that Washington has pressed for an investigation into allegations of killings in Riyadh since January. A lack of response does not prevent collaboration from continuing.