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Forza Italia, in the league, is worse

Forza Italia, in the league, is worse

The new Dire-Tecnè political poll shows almost a point drop for Fratelli d’Italia compared to the end of July. Small growth in Lega and Pd, M5s stable, Forza Italia is worse, although it is above Carroccio.

The Brothers of Italy is still the leading party by a margin, but it lost support in August. This was recorded by the Dire-Tecnè political survey, published since July 30. After the summer break, the parties resume their activities and it is almost one point lower in the FdI survey, while Georgia Meloni drops on the confidence index. Not that the competition (both inside and outside the majority) is taking advantage of it in a decisive way: Pd and League register a growth of a few tenths, while the 5-star movement remains stable.

Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia are almost a point short in Lega and Pd

Brothers of Italy It is 28.5%. This is a 0.7% drop compared to the survey released on July 30. It is no coincidence that the data for confidence in Georgia Meloni is in sharp decline from 53.4% ​​to 48.3%. However, Meloni’s party remains the number one political force in Italy, and is in second place Democratic Party Rising to 20.3%, gaining 0.3%. Ellie is a step ahead of Schlein, but not enough to worry FdI, which is more than eight points behind in the survey.

Continuing in the opposition, the 5 star operation It is fixed at 15.5%. August was marked by the first concrete results of the end of the basic income, so Giuseppe Conte and his party would not have brought a certain increase to the consensus.

Come on Italy In this survey it is 10.2%. Compared to other polls, FI is third in the center-right coalition, where Antonio Tajani’s party has outperformed the League. However, it must be said that August Forza Italia saw -0.7%, as did Fratelli d’Italia. On the contrary, the League 8.9% from 8.7% at the end of July.

The center-left gains 0.7%, the center-right loses 1.2%

The former third pole, now de facto divided at the political level, goes a little further: action It goes from 3.5% to 3.6% Italy alive 2.5% to 2.6%. Carlo Calenda’s party, in particular, is approaching the 4% threshold, which will be crucial in the next European elections, in 2024.

To form a centre-left alliance, along with PTI, TheGreen-Left Alliance It will grow by 3.4% to 3.5% +Europe 2.2% to 2.5%. In total, the three parties collected 26.3% of the vote, a gain of 0.7% compared to July. In contrast, the three centre-right parties have increased to 47.6%, but have fallen by 1.2% in the past month.