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Draghi's speech in the Senate 'Parties, ready for a new deal?  - Politics

Draghi’s speech in the Senate ‘Parties, ready for a new deal? – Politics

“We are here because the Italians asked. Are you ready to redo this deal?”. Mario Draghi arrives in the Senate chamber a few minutes late. He speaks for half an hour, and on the one hand, he raises his voice in important passages of the speech which state the results obtained by the political forces. When they worked “for the good of the country”. But on the other hand, it sets clear limits through which we can continue with the “national unity” government, which so far guarantees the “democratic legitimacy” of the executive and its “effectiveness”.

The Prime Minister observes that the broadest possible consent of Parliament is essential “for a Prime Minister who has never presented himself before the electorate”. And the only way forward, he insists, is to “rebuild this agreement with courage, confidence and credibility”. In short, resignation will still be on the table if those answers from the parties, expected in vain during the 5 days of Sergio Mattarella’s frozen crisis, do not come with an invitation to go to the Chambers. “Today let me explain to you and to all Italians the reasons for a choice”.
Sufficient ambiguity, PM’s demand. After all, Lega and Movemento Cinque Stelle addressed them without overtly mentioning them, and it’s no surprise that they didn’t join in the applause that came at the end of the speech in the room.

Of course, this leaves room for autonomy, pension reform, improving citizen incomes, keeping energy transition objectives consistent, solving critical issues with superannuation, etc. However, it should be made “less generous” along with other building rebates. Then, he stressed, we cannot ask Italians for energy security while at the same time “opposing” against the reformers. You cannot support reforms. The only way to “help Ukrainians defend themselves” is for Ukraine to continue to be armed.

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