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England: Tennis is on the rise

England: Tennis is on the rise

David Lloyd Chigwell (London) Club Coordinator and Hello Padel Project Manager, Mauri Andreini is one of the best experts on the state of this wonderful sport currently in the UK.

Badil International Press. The Argentine is a clear example that things don’t just happen. Nothing is random, and in his case, it is very likely that he himself did not dream of everything he is experiencing at the moment.

A regular presence on the Challenger of the World Paddle Tour circuit, he is one of the great references for paddle tennis in the British Isles, so we wanted to know your thoughts on the present and future of the sport in the UK.

“Hello all:

Padel UK isn’t letting its guard down anytime soon. England is the ‘Kingdom of Racquet’ and no matter how long it takes, Racquet will become a racquet sport loved by thousands of fans, like many others. Many English people have already shown their love for this specialty. Some try to do this in Spain during their vacation and then want to continue the practice “at home.” Of course, the Spaniards who leave their lands and come to the “islands” are given a lot of support and push to the paddle.

As is logical, the outer slopes in these countries are an inconvenience for the long winter period. Rain is very common in England, which does not allow the pitch to dry when it is wet again. What I mean by this is that to build a runway in the UK, it is better to cover it and this generates additional costs for investors. During the warm and sunny months, it is great to play on the outdoor courts and enjoy the club atmosphere.

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In London, most clubs are closed. The largest chain of sports complexes in the UK, called David Lloyd, already has three of its complexes with covered tracks. These clubs are private and only members can enjoy the paddle tennis courts, which can be found at Bushey, Chigwell and the Harbor Club (Chelsea).

London has the “King of Padel Clubs”… This is the London Padel Club, run by Pedro Garcia, an excellent guy who invites you with just his personality to go to the club even if you don’t go to play. Padel Club London was based in Canary Wharf for about two and a half years, recently moving to White Chapel, in a more central location, a stone’s throw from the Tube and accessible to everyone.

It should be noted that another outdoor track has been opened in London at Padel Tennis London (Hazelwood Padel Club), so that every fan can enjoy Padel. On the other hand, there are 3 other outdoor courts in Bushey, Padel Club, North London.

Outside of London, you can find clubs like Padel Nation in Birmingham or Ellesse Padel-Academy in Huddersfield. They both participate in the British Rowing Circuit and their owners are good people who can ease anyone’s start into the world of rowing tennis… Liverpool will be hosting the next opening and we hope to be there soon, letting you know how rowing is going in the North of England.

For those asking, in the UK we have our own circuit…and what a circuit it is! It is called the British Padel Tour and has tournaments distributed throughout England, from London or Birmingham to Huddersfield (near Manchester). It is played in different categories, male and female, and its level is starting to be very high.

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Therefore, I can say that rowing is growing steadily in the United Kingdom, and this is due to all those who suffer from this sport and its fans who help it continue to grow… without forgetting the commendable effort of all workers in the British Federation.

Undoubtedly, we can guarantee that paddle boarding in the UK has already been established, and from now on, it will not stop growing.

Those who dare to come to the United Kingdom, for an outing or to stay, know that they are very welcome to play paddle tennis… They can contact HELLO PADEL via social networks (in English or Spanish) and, in this way, they will have access to local tournament information They will ask any questions…and we will help them with anything they need.

Greetings and… Hello everyone Badil!!

Maori Andreini. “

Mauri Andreini talks about the status of padel in the UK

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