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Collaboration with Mosca (in orbit only) –

Collaboration with Mosca (in orbit only) –

uAnother Russian cosmonaut has landed on the International Space Station. Roscosmos’ Konstantin Borisov flew in after Saturday’s launch from Cape Canaveral aboard US spacecraft Elon Musk’s Crew-7 Endurance mission.. Commander Yasmine Mokbeli of NASA, Andrea Mogensen of the European Space Agency ESA, and Satoshi Furukawa of the Japanese space agency JAXA flew together.

When Borisov arrived at the International Space Station yesterday, he met Comrade Andrei Fedyaev, also from Roscosmos, a member of the former international crew Crew-6, who is now preparing to return to Earth after a five-month stay. So far, the flights of Russian cosmonauts to the station have been the only part of the cooperation between Moscow and Washington that has survived the invasion of Ukraine. All other projects from Mars to Venus to various satellites which were conducted in cooperation with Western countries were canceled with some damage to the Russian space activity lacking in various technological fronts as confirmed by the failure of the Luna 25 probe which crashed on Earth a week before the lunar one..

The former director of Roscomos, Putin’s former deputy minister Dmitry Rogozin, had threatened a Russian break with the station but Putin replaced him with Yury Borisov and plans for the ISS continued. Not only. In July 2022, NASA and Roscosmos signed an agreement to exchange three astronauts: the Russians flew on Dragon capsules, and the Americans on the old Soyuz spaceship.. So, in October, Anna Kikina, Russia’s only female cosmonaut, ascended to the International Space Station. Governments involved in space activities have always hoped to enhance cooperation in cosmic programs realizing that this is the only way to deal with major projects in the future but also a new and more civilized way to unite nations. Perhaps the International Space Station leaves open hope for dialogue on Earth as well.

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