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Salary increase and tax wedge, what the Meloni government will do in 2023

Salary increase and tax wedge, what the Meloni government will do in 2023

The Meloni government undertakes to do Increase workers’ wages and reduce labor cost to Business. To say that it was the same acting head of the council Trade unionsopening to a series of substantive discussions with social partners starting in January, to do more than interventions in budget law.

According to the tenant Chigi Palace On cutting the tax wedgeSignalHowever, he admitted it There is more to be done That is why he emphasized that the executive power “it will continueTranslated, this means, beyond.”emergency options“With this maneuver, we will attempt as early as 2023 to perform one Go the extra mile to benefit both employees and employers. The target is defined as “priority“.

The tax and labor tables open between government and unions in 2023

Unions asked Profound changes in handling During today’s meeting at Palazzo Chigi, with Cisl pointing out “Great availability from the government” also “To instantly activate thematic tables“. he will not be there fundamental changesbut only minor changes, which is why unions continue to criticize the executive, but there will be some Ad hoc meetings To try to do more on some topics.

For example on January 12 there will be a file table in the Ministry of Labor On work and safety, while in the nineteenth political confrontation over social security and annuities. And again, there will be a table on industrial policy, aid and companies in the Enterprise Ministry and one to promote Tax on additional profits to the Ministry of Economy.

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Salaries, what the Meloni government will do in 2023

The government’s goal, as also made clear in the speech in which Meloni sought the confidence of the House and Senate, is Achieve a 5 percentage point reduction in the tax wedge by 2027. This should apply at least to everyone Income in the range of 35 thousand euroswith a relief that would weigh two-thirds in favor of the worker and one-third in favor of the company.

today is The reduction is 2% for income within this limit, rising to 3% in 2023 for those earning up to €20,000 per year. All for the benefit of the workers, in increments of up to €400 per year. So, the target for next year is Try to raise these percentages partiallyand perhaps also give something to companies, given that this maneuver is already too much for the majority, along with ConfindustriaThey were pressing for such an intervention.

So if economic conditions allow The minimum target for next year may be to raise the cut to 3%. In favor of everyone earning less than €35,000 or to give an additional 1% to companies to reduce staff management costs. And therefore: a few tens of euros every month That less wages are paid to the company or more that are collected for the worker.

Increases in payroll and orders from trade unions and Confindustria

According to unions on Wages and pensions A very strong response will be required to counter double-digit inflation, which shows no sign of abating.

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«we asked – says the ole secretary Pierpaolo BombardieriTo cut taxes on the 13th salary, to cut taxes on contract increases and maneuvers, there are no measures. There is an intervention in the tax wedge, but it is partial and, in our opinion, insufficient. There are three big problems». It comes with an extension Return couponswhich – that “This means questioning workers and contracts in two sectors where precarious work and illegal recruitment really reign supremeAnd then Maximum cash and financial peaceconsidered a service for tax evaders, in addition to “to failure pension equalization For everyone“.

CGIL number one, Maurizio Landiniindicating that he requestedImmediately lower the tax wedge to 5% and enter Withdraw taxesthat is, learning about the mechanism that re-evaluates deductions for all employees, but there were no responses, except for a general one “We have to see according to the resources we have.” And they told us thatEuropean Union It does not give distances for maneuver adjustment“.

Confindustria is also claiming to do much more on labor costs. request for a Shock intervention of $16 billion To significantly reduce the total that burdens the business owner and to grant an equivalent monthly increase 100 euros for employees.