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“As evil.” The truth about Mario Draghi (and the statisticians)


“God is liberal. There is no discussion about this. The concept of sin and the corresponding concept of virtue only make sense if a person is free to choose one or the other. Antonio Martino told Nicola Porrowords outlined today by Italy’s most liberal journalist in a book titled Exactly “God is a liberal. Antonio Martino and ideas that do not die ”(Piemme). Great fun and bitter when Martino eliminates Guido Carli (“Break Italy in two seemingly harmless sentences”) e Mario DraghiFederico Caffé’s apprentice and “evil like him”.

They are all more or less evil and they are all more or less Italian politicians, and from time immemorial: “The Italian Liberal Party was made up of left-wing members”, “Malagudi was not a liberal. In the end it was more left than left”, “The Italian political scene before Berlusconi was a choir with one voice: the fascist state, the communist state, the state communism, and all nations. Now then came the environment, “a terrible beast, compared to the Marxist danger I think greater”. I close the book on the greater conviction that for freedom-lovers in Italy, “there is only God left as a friend” (as in an old song by Mina).

Camilo Langone, Il Foglio December 6, 2022

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