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Rosie Chen proved her wrong. The saying that changes everything has arrived: “Painful Selfishness” |  She said so herself

Rosie Chen proved her wrong. The saying that changes everything has arrived: “Painful Selfishness” | She said so herself

Rosie Chen – (Instagram photo)

Those are harsh words he said towards Rosie Chen. She herself said these things against her.

Rosie Chen They are competitive with Big brother And a woman who is held in the esteem of the public at home, which she has been in recent days TV broadcast to go to the final. And it actually is The second woman in the house to reach the grand finalwhich will be held according to Style magazine April 4 Which will currently include both Rosie Chen and the actress as participants Beatrice Luzzi.

It's about to Beautiful achievement In the game Chef, who until the final moment of the program can breathe a sigh of relief and… Metabolizing the many emotions he had been experiencing in recent weeks Of staying at home.

It's been a very tough few weeks for her, but I'm definitely there One of the moments she lived that will always remain in her heart. Among these is the ability to do so Hugging her husband again and then her brother.

These were moments of strong emotions for her and what she experienced in the past few days was equally powerful. Private meeting With some special people for her. Apparently though Not everyone appreciated the reaction Rosie Chen got When you see these people again.

Exclusive interview with Rosie Chen

In life, Rosie Chen is a chef and manager A famous sushi restaurant in Milan. In addition to being a well-known restaurateur, she is also a mother of children.

Unfortunately, due to her residing in the Big Brother house, which separated her from her family for weeks, so was Rosie Chen Away from her children They could not see or hear them. However, he was able to embrace them again in recent days, since they came to visit her at the Big Brother studios. For her it was A particularly intense moment, but not everyone appreciated the reaction he got upon seeing them. This is evidenced by some comments made on the program's Instagram profile.

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Instagram comment
Instagram caption – (Instagram image)

According to users, the reaction was very cool

According to some Instagram users, Rosie Chen had a very cold reaction to seeing her children again, given that Many noticed that he did not shed a single tear when he saw them.

But Rosie is crying for Fiorda and not for the kids she just saw again??? Painful selfishness!!!” One disappointed Instagram user wrote. He really didn't like the restaurant owner's reaction.