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Robots movie, plot, cast, actors, ending, filming location, location

Robots movie, plot, cast, actors, ending, filming location, location

Prime Video Suggest the movie with the title Robots. It is an emotional film with a great atmosphere.

Production is from United States of America. The year of creation is 2023 and its duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Robot movie actors

Robots movie – direction, heroes, location

The trend is by Casper Christensen H Anthony Haynes. The main heroes are Yen H Charles Cameron Played straight before Shailene Woodley H Jack Whitehall. Also in the cast Paul Rust In turn Zach.

Filmed in Americaespecially A Belen and surrounding areas in the province New Mexico.

Production is from Company films In cooperation with Rocket science H exponent.

The film is known worldwide by the same title.

Robots movie where it is filmedRobots movie where it is filmed

Robots – The Movie Plot on Prime Video

RobotsThe film takes place in the year 2032, and brings us into a world where robots have become a part of everyday life. In particular, in the context of United StateThe government celebrates its victory in eliminating illegal immigrants. The wall on the border with Mexico It was built successfully and the immigrant problem was solved. Low-wage jobs previously held by immigrants are now filled by robots. It goes without saying that bots are also subject to bias.

Many blame them for rampant unemployment, they are ridiculed and destroyed, and they are often used to satisfy the whims of the privileged class.

Final spoiler

CharlesA womanizer, uses his clone robot, C2To impress women and go on romantic dates with them. Charles He would rather be lazy at home than memorize all his tastes and preferences for dates. Meet women when they are ready to take it to the next level. He did not seek emotional connection, and as long as his physical needs were met, he was a happy man. The relationship between Charles H C2 It was a master and slave situation, but it changed when C2 He met a woman like him and fell madly in love with her.

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Robots movie final episodeRobots movie final episode

Robots: full crew

Below is the film's cast Robots And the characters played by the actors

  • Shailene Woodley: Elaine
  • Jack Whitehall:Charles Cameron
  • Paul Rust:Zach
  • Nick Rutherford: Ted Jr.
  • Paul Gurevich: Ashley
  • David Grant Wright: Ted Cameron
  • Emanuele Postacchini:Francesca
  • Chelsea Edmondson: Emily Denholm
  • Jacamo Bozel:Sheriff Bill Horton
  • Samantha Ashley: Chavez's deputy
  • Richard Lippert: David Shulman
  • Kate Herman: Kiki Shulman