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Maelle Martens makes a big deal, and Vittorio Garrone has to sleep in a hotel because of it: Clerici is defenseless and speechless

Maelle Martens makes a big deal, and Vittorio Garrone has to sleep in a hotel because of it: Clerici is defenseless and speechless

Vittorio Garrone and Miley Martins – ifood

What did Milly Martens do to force Vittorio Garrone to sleep in a hotel? Antonella Clerici's daughter as we have never seen her before.

Miley Martens It's the 14 year old daughter Antonella Clerici She got it from her ex-partner Eddie, A Belgian dancer originally from the Congo with whom he had a long relationship.

They met in 2007, had their only daughter two years later, and in 2016 they said goodbye due to the man's alleged infidelity.

A relationship that has already begun with some difficulties; The age difference between them also made the audience discuss, as he is 13 years younger than him. His role in some programs was also criticized, and was considered evidence of his career and opportunism.

Speaking about the Italians, he will say: “I felt insulted and humiliated by them. I don't miss Italy at all, except for my daughter.” That daughter with whom it was difficult to build a relationship also because of the distance. He now lives in Belgium with a new partner, and has finally patched things up with the little girl the following. He's the one who has problems Vittorio Garrone, New companion for clergy, Had to sleep in the car. Let's find out why.

Maelle Martens forces Vittorio Garrone to sleep in the car

New companion to Antonella ClercIt arrived so suddenly. They met in 2016 thanks to a mutual friend and have not left each other's side since then. In fact, two years later, the presenter of È semper midday makes a radical decision: to move away from everything to devote herself to her family. He explained to today:It seemed like the right time to devote myself to my family: I left Rome after 28 years and moved here in the woods with him. I was close to my daughter, Miley, and discovered a connection with nature and new energy. We renovated the house and learned to know each other, living with Miley and Vittorio's three children. Two, actually, because the eldest, Beatrice, lives in Paris.

She then admits that at her age she could never have imagined falling in love again as a young girl and being so happy again. But we can say the same about the following?

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Cleary Jarrow reports
Antonella Clerici and Vittorio Garrone -ifood (photo on Instagram)

What Clerici's daughter did

As we mentioned at the beginning, the relationship between Miley Martens And my father Eddie It wasn't the best. Then little by little, after the adults also approached, things settled down. And with Vittorio Garrone?

In the aforementioned interview Antonella Clerici He admits: “It was a journey. At the beginning of my relationship with Vittorio, I rejected him. When he arrived in Rome he had to sleep in a hotel. Over time, she learned to know that, and I think seeing me happy reassured her.”