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Turkish Bitter Land Preview: Betul wants to marry Fikret!

Turkish Bitter Land Preview: Betul wants to marry Fikret!

Let's discover together the outings of Terra Amara, a TV series broadcast from Monday to Sunday on Canale 5: here are the summaries of the episodes that will be broadcast soon.

the Turkish offers of Terra Amara It will be packed with new features that will keep viewers glued to the screen: this time all eyes are on it correct. The woman will plan to conquer I thoughtBut only because he wants money from Crap! CerminHowever, it would risk ruining everything… But let's find out together what are the previews of the episodes that will soon be broadcast on 2.10pm on Canale 5.

Bitter Earth Turkish Preview: Betul wants the role of Zuleikha

In the upcoming episodes of Bitter land We will find correct Back to center stage. The lawyer will continue her evil plans to seize power and money, more determined than ever to become the undisputed master. Cukorova. Firstly, The Dark Lady will take advantage of Demir's absence to try to tighten her grip on his company: if WealthRather, he had granted her full powers in his absence. Fortunately, after a moment of frustration, Zuleikha will decide to return to work and the situation will become more complicated for Betul.

Bitter Land Turkish Preview: Betul Trade Fikret!

Betul will pretend to support ZulekhaBut in reality, he will conspire in the shadows to overthrow her. In all this, the woman will recognize Abdelkader The two will immediately decide to team up for destruction iron. As if that wasn't enough, the daughter's greed Cermin It will grow more: the lawyer, in fact, She will be determined to seduce Fikret and marry. The latter, in fact, remained The sole heir to the Fikile fortune, who apparently died of a heart attack But in fact he was killed by his thugs Abdelkader.

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Sarmin risks the bankruptcy of Betol, according to Turkish expectations

plan correct To get over the half-brother iron He'll risk going up in smoke because Cermin:The last one actually There will be a strong debate with LuftiyeHe accused her of trying to do so Manipulation in Alton. Betul He will try to take cover and scold his mother and order her to do so Don't do anything else without consulting her first. So it seems that Batoul's budding interest in Fikret has no romantic implications, but is dictated solely by economic interest.

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Bitter landthe much-loved Turkish series, has been broadcasting since November from Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm on Canale 5.