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Risk of first strong thunderstorm, hail. Affected Areas by Evening »

Direct weather forecast: first strong thunderstorm, hail risk. Affected areas by evening

Blurred fresh air infiltration will cause thunderstorms in some areas

Expected time for the next few hoursUpdate 14:50 – As expected, there will be several thundershowers during these hours. The northwestern alpine and pre-alpine areas, especially the Piedmontese areas, are under surveillance. Other strong thunderstorms were reported in the Emilian Apennine region between Piacenza, Pharma and Regio, and partly on the Tuscan side.

Situation: Absolutely contextual though SummerAt least by evening 6 Regions Italy is still in danger Temporary.
The high pressure that has been plaguing our country for most of this week is currently experiencing hard times near the north, where fresh air of Atlantic descent, in contrast to the existing heat, continues to generate many signs of instability. Visible in the afternoon.

In fact, after a morning that is characterized by very stable and often sunny weather, this early morning, we see a gradual increase in clouds starting from the northwestern alpine and pre-alpine areas, so the Piedmont Reliefs Valle d’Aosta Lombardi and Lombardi are already ready for the aftermath of some storms Alto , Veneto and Friuli Venezia moving through the Giulia Mountains and parts of the Tuscan / Emilian Apennines.

Most of the afternoon in these areas will be a scene of heavy rain and thunderstorms, with frequent winds and possible thunderstorms. Sleet.
Some in the afternoon and early in the evening Temporary They can also move towards nearby plains.

Instead, there will be another piece of our country enjoying a scene Weather forecast Very stable and often sunny. With the exception of a few hints of instability near Mount Apennine, in fact, in other parts of the north and most of the central-south, we will certainly enjoy a sunny summer with not only sometimes blue skies, but also above. All according to the thermal environment. It is very hot for the season Temperature Seasonal is several degrees higher than average.

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In short, if one side of Italy we often turn our eyes to the sky and are forced to have an umbrella on our doorstep, on the other hand, we can easily arrange a good trip outdoors or on the first trip. Bath of the season.

It is expected to rain in the afternoon It is expected to rain in the afternoon