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June 28 or July 1-5.  But you have to take it with you

June 28 or July 1-5. But you have to take it with you

This is the Day of Judgment Masks Outdoors. On request Mario Draghi And Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, The Technical Science Committee (CDS) will decide this afternoon on the abolition of the obligation to wear personal protective equipment outside the home. And consider the possibility of giving green light to dances Discos, Open for a few days, but only for bar and drinks restaurant. Well, at 99% with Italy from today White area (Valle d’Aosta excluded) and with continued improvement in data on infections and intensive care, CTS should say yes Masks Ask for new time for discos.

However, the D-Day does not signify complete liberation from the protective device that marks the lives of Italians since March last year. The green light of the CDS will be the “condition” to stop the mask on the outside. If it is not Team To mark a date, the government will do it during the week: we are talking Monday 28 June, When Valle de Asta also entered the White Zone, or July 1 or July 5 To better assess the risk represented Delta variant.

White zone all over Italy, but goodbye to curfew everywhere: here are the rules

Conditions of Cts

However, the personal safety device does not end up in the drawer. Continuing administrative resources Document, They certainly give Cts “It sets up very precise, severe symptoms.” This means the Italians will have to move on Keep the mask in your pocket or sleeve when you leave your home. In all cases they will have to wear it, even outside there will be dangers CollectingTherefore not guaranteed In the distance. This also applies to places Move. With one problem: the restrictions, not the simple ones, by the police.

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The mask is also mandatory Open to the public everywhereOffices, shops, malls, bars, restaurants, buses, etc. One should wear it when going music concert, At a sporting event, event, fair or amusement park. Even on those exteriors, the protocols set by the CDS are valid. “When you go to a stadium or a concert or a fair or an amusement park,” government sources explained, “there are rows at the entrance, or the distance between or between stands or between stands or stands or rides. Well, in these cases the mask is mandatory.” .

There are those who want bonding in CDS Eliminate the obligation to wear an external mask for the percentage of people who have been vaccinated. But this study seems to be falling apart. A government source says, “The number of vaccines cannot be decisive in determining masks, especially as more than 30 million Italians have now received at least the first dose, so considering that one in two citizens under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated, Pfizer, Moderna, Astrogeneca or J&J received Have received.

Focus on tourism

In short, we will not go too far for the sophisticated because the vaccine campaign is progressing despite the “mess” condemned by the Prime Minister Drake, The government wants to make Italy more “attractive” in the eyes of foreign tourists. It is imperative to follow in the footsteps of France, Germany, Belgium and Spain, which have already removed the compulsion of external masks. In particular, “digital Green bass“European: Certificate that allows tourists who have been vaccinated, who have received a cloth (negative result) in the last 48 hours, or who have survived from the temple to move freely within the borders of the Union.

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Male from July: CDS also agrees. Yes to dance at the disco

As for the discos, it was said that the results were not yet ripe. Since the CDS filtered it out, it is still a short time to complete an assessment of the possibilities of giving the green light to the dances and completing the protocol. But there are those who do not deny that the committee today could give the green light to the sector if customers were fitted with a green pass. The pressure from government center-right Matteo Salvini has actually been going on for weeks. Practical Tracy, if he can, avoids controversy.

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