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Paleo Siena, Contrada DeLuca Win the Waking Horse – News


Palio dell’Assunta spectacular and full of twists and turns, with a movement that lasted half an hour and was entangled between the ropes by six galloping areas out of ten, which at the end of the three laps only one champion appeared, the horse Zio Frac who won without a jockey who fell. The 8-year-old gulf gelding ‘Shaken’ triumphed on Taffe Piazza del Campo, bringing the victory back to the Contrada del Oca after 10 years and winning the Drabilon created by Marco Ludola. A race, this afternoon, is not suitable for the faint of heart, and skirmishes and disagreements await it about the nature of this event and its future.

“The Palio is not a tourist attraction and I don’t want it to become one,” Mayor Nicoletta Fabio said in a traditional pre-professional press conference. “Even now this place is no longer a tourist attraction, moreover the hurrying tourist is not good for the city,” he repeated in words that could not be heard by the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanche who was for the first time a guest of the Municipality, at the Palio di Siena, which he attended from the Trevor Palazzo Pubblico. Santanchè Eve said Paleo is “good for tourism” and gives a sense of neglecting the historical and traditional identity of the race. Fabio pointed out what is Paleo in Siena. Not only that: about the hypothesis that the municipality may request the inclusion of the Palio in the UNESCO list of intangible human heritage, Nicoletta Fabio said: “There are pros and cons as in everything, the main players are the contrades, it is from them that this need must begin , if anything. But I don’t have that intention at the moment.” The President of Tuscany, Eugenio Gianni, was not of the same opinion as he relaunched it today, in an official note: “It is necessary to resume the initiative with the municipality and the judge of the Contrade to recognize the Paleo as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Siena deserves it, and the values ​​of its deep identity deserve it.”

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On the move, after a 30-minute battle between the two rivals, the contrada della Giraffa took first place but faced the fall of jockey Giovanni Atzeni better known as Tittia at the first turn of San Martino. Pantera took the lead with expert Jonathan Bartoletti aka Scompiglio on Anda and Paula’s cheeks. At the same first corner of San Martino, the jockey from Goose Carlo Sanna aka Brigante also crashed but Zio Frac kept racing. Pantera had a good margin of advantage, but at San Martino’s last turn the horse slipped, thanks to the loss of a rear hoof shoe. At this point Zio Frac ‘shaken’ took the lead and the rival Torre’s comeback attempts were in vain as he tried to hold him back. For Zio Frac, this is the second victory in the four Corsican Paleos. Second win also for jockey Brigant in 14 Palio races. Because of the fall, the two horses, Abbasatsa della Giraffe and Antin dei Delestress, were injured, “and they were immediately taken to the veterinary clinic of El Cebu – explains the municipality – for diagnostic examinations and the necessary interventions.”

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