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Sky, news coming in October 2021

Sky’s October programming keeps pace with a lot of really new features.
There are even nine new series (out of ten upcoming titles) on the way, starting with Belgravia, the historical drama of Julian Fellowes, creator Downton Abbey, specified at the time of restoration, until American Crime Story: Impeachment, season three of the Ryan Murphy anthology series, this time dedicated to the Sexgate scandal. Always among the novelties in the introduction to the series, there is a remake of tiep, western (Son) with Pierce Brosnan, two family dramas and several detective stories.

There is also a rich program of documentaries, which between Sky Arte and the dedicated channel (born in early summer) Sky Documentaries, offers a really impressive variety of titles.
And what about the movies? Of course they are not lacking, in a heterogeneous way: they range from the horror genre – including the latter Possession – Devil’s Apartment The latest Sky Original, presented out of competition in Venice Days at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, apparently telling the story of a rising star in the Romanian music scene (Nic, also known as lovely boy), but it digs much deeper.

But Sky is also entertainment and on the show side, the X Factor 2021 undoubtedly stands out, which, as scheduled, enters the live stage at (end) October.

Here is a detailed summary of all the major news not to be missed on Sky this month.

Sky, all TV series for October 2021

• Equalizer – From Friday, October 1 at 9.15 pm at Sky Investigation, available upon request and broadcast on NOW

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The remake of the crime drama of the ’80s series of the same name that actually inspired the movie with Denzel Washington arrives at Sky Investigation. This action-packed reimagining of the classic series stars Robin McCall (Queen Latifah), seemingly “just” a single mother busy raising her teenage daughter but also a mysterious former CIA agent known as “The Company”. By the federal government to deal with unclean operations. Disillusioned with her old job, Robin has officially retired from gaming. However, it is a whole other story unofficially. With her many skills, she is back in action to defend those who cannot defend themselves on their own or through the ways the law contemplates, becoming a watchman, a kind of tie that puts the scales back in the balance and equalizes the accounts of the unjustly accused innocent. At the same time, by helping others, Robin will also try to help herself, will she be able to silence her guilt for what she did in the past?

• Belgravia – From Wednesday, October 6 at 9.15pm, premiere on Sky Serie, available on demand and broadcast on NOW

Belgravia was created by Julian Fellows, who is also the creator of Downton Abbey, a historical drama set in the Restoration era. It’s 1815, on the night between 15 and 16 June in Brussels. At the ball that the Duchess of Richmond organized for the Duke of Wellington on the eve of the Battle of Quatre Brass, so two days before the infamous Battle of Waterloo there are also James and Anne Trenchard, who are living comfortably thanks to the profits of their business. Sophia, the couple’s daughter, catches the eye of Edmund Pelassis, heir to one of the richest and most famous families in England. Twenty-six years later, when the two families now live in the elegant London borough known as Belgravia, the events and secrets of that dance resurface, with all the consequences of the case.

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• Son – From Friday 15 October at 9.15pm First Watch on Sky Atlantic, available on request and broadcast on NOW