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Restaurant charges extra to customers who ask a ‘stupid question’

Restaurant charges extra to customers who ask a ‘stupid question’

Charge your bill an additional 30 cents for anyone who wants to ask a “stupid question.”

  • Tom’s Diner, in the East Colfax neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, was known for its exclusivity
  • An additional 30 cents added for anyone who asks a “stupid question”
  • The place only recently achieved international fame, when a Reddit user posted a photo of a receipt
  • The post sparked a wave of requests on social media
  • Unfortunately, owner Tom decided to sell his restaurant, but was surprised by the sudden notoriety it took off on the Internet

“There were no stupid questions.”. How many times have we heard these words? Probably a lot, with teachers, educators and the like who have accompanied us over the years I encouraged To ask questions to improve our learning techniques and stimulate our curiosity. In most cases, this kind of philosophy works well, until it actually shows up Stupid question And you are teased by your colleagues.

In the United States, one restaurant took a slightly different approach, adding A Additional fee of 38 cents dollar Self-employed (equivalent to approx 30 euro cents) as an “extra service” for asking a stupid question.

The restaurant Tom’s restaurantIn the East Colfax neighborhood DenverColorado, has continued to apply this method to its clients since its opening 1999. For over twenty years, Tom’s Diner has been one of locals’ most beloved spots. However, until recently, few people outside the Mile High City knew about the strange restaurant “show.”

The place has arrived International fame Just recently, when he was a user Reddit I posted one photo Receive From Tom’s restaurant. On the menu, besides ordering portions of chicken and mashed potatoes, there was a separate charge of 38 cents on the dollar. “1 stupid question”.

Extra charge for a stupid question: social media reaction

The post sparked a wave of requests on social media. “Is this restaurant real?”, “What exactly is a stupid question?”, “Was the photo photoshopped?”, “Where can I find this restaurant?”. Briefly, The receipt is original. This additional expense has been passed on to many diners over the years.

In fact, the “Dumb Question” service was even Listed in the side menu of the placeBetween “extra sauce” and “veggie of the day.” Since then, I have had many clients Intentionally ask yourself the most ridiculous questions To qualify the charge.

This is a CEO’s favorite stupid question Hunter Landry: “Does ice contain water?”. Naturally, The restaurant never issued the “fee” maliciously. According to Landry, the extra cost was always for one purpose I listen.

“It’s built for play. It’s good to keep things light in today’s world.”Tell Today’s food. The fee for asking a stupid question is I posed over the years, but the reaction to it has almost always been met with one He laughs. “At one point we got to 48 cents, but we didn’t want to measure people.”“Landry said jokingly.

History of the “Dumb Questions Service”

Landry, grandson Tom Messina (known as “Tom” behind Tom’s Diner), said his uncle added the fun option to the menu at the Denver Diner in 1999 Wait a little while Hazar During the work day. Staff have always been instructed to never charge extra fees, but it has always been suggested An “accessory” for prettier tables. “If there is a good cheerful table or when they ask us specifically for the cost, it’s always fun to add it.”“Landry said.

Fortunately, customers at Tom’s Diner received this initiative with some joy mockery. “Most people really understand our gaming philosophy and realize it’s just a gameFun experience. “Over the years, some people may have felt uncomfortable, but the response has generally been positive.”“Landry said.

In 2018, the place became even more massive kidding In his list he added some “Healthy optionsIn addition to options like cheese and soup, service has been added to the menu “Skip your next meal”or a “Walk home”both listed as Priceless options.

Landry said the chain also thought about adding more elements such as… “Don’t take yourself too seriously” And “We love each other”. In the December 2019The building, built in 1967, was registered National Register of Historic Places.

This was welcome news for customers, who had been fighting to prevent its demolition after a property developer revealed plans to build new apartments on the site. Unfortunately, Owner Tom decided to sell his restaurantBut Landry and Messina stayed surprised The Reddit post – and their list – has gone viral. diffuse Recently.

Employee testimonials

job Reddit Received many comments, some of which belong to Former local workers: “I used to work at this place. The Stupid Question tickets even made it into the kitchen!”“, commented one user.

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“I was a cook at Tom’s Diner during the spring/summer of 2018. Tom closed it in 2019. The waiters did not charge the extra amount unless the customer requested it. It was on the list for pure entertainment. Often times, customers are disappointed that they weren’t charged anything for asking a stupid question, so they ask for it and the bartender adds it. Best stupid question: “Why didn’t you charge me more?”“, wrote another.


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