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Bruno Barbieri reveals all the amazing secrets: he had a completely different youth than you can imagine

Bruno Barbieri reveals all the amazing secrets: he had a completely different youth than you can imagine

Bruno Barbieri Lateradelgusto

Bruno Barbieri, distinguished chef and judge Master Chef Italy It is said with an open heart. A very different young man from the ordinary.

He is about to return to the small screen with a new season Master Chef ItalyWhere the three new judges await us at the head of the will once again Cooking showThat’s by saying Antonino Cannavacciolo, Giorgio Locatelli And Bruno Barbieri. The last one in particular is the only one He didn’t miss even a single one from Editions Even today Go on the air.

First, we remember that for the record, Three judges It consisted of Carlo Craco, Joe Bastianich And Bruno himselfwhich was added later Antonino Cannavacciolo. Carlo was the first to give up Cooking show to Dedicate yourself to Other projects Related to cooking And then it was his turn Atmosphere.

In the end there were three judges remaining George, Antonino And Bruno, with whom there also seems to be strong chemistry not only from a work point of view, but also and above all in life with the cameras off. In fact they did not hide that yes They are repetitive also Externally to the program.

Bruno Barbieri and his heartfelt interview

the The chef is originally from medicine What’s more, he was recently a guest on Sky’s Living Room storiessponsored by Omar ShilachiDeputy editor of the newspaper. here Bruno During the heart-to-heart conversation, he reviewed some of the The basic stages in his life And above all him youths.

Much of his youth Bruno He spent it in the company of his grandmother, Mina, who was always working. He owes her a debt of gratitude for what he has become today. Life philosophy Barbers It was always based on having dreams and struggling to achieve them. Without ever giving up.

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Chef Barbieri's open-hearted story
Bruno Barbieri in the Stories Laterradelgusto studio

Chef youth

Success from a media point of view Bruno He certainly achieved that Master Chef Italy. In fact, here we can say that among those who constituted the jury, he said The Three Knights of the KitchenAnd the aforementioned chef remains in the metaphor a novel to Dumas It will definitely be similar to d’ArtagnanDue to his strength and longevity in the program.

Barbers But first, according to his story, he had to be in it Hell’s Kitchen. The problem was that after a few days of starting the program he was no longer contacted. Everyone is gone. He took a step back, saying he said it would be this way, but then it was Master Chef surprise. Another program he is famous for is 4 hotels.