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The trial in Italy of four Egyptian 007s accused of kidnapping, torturing and killing Giulio Regeni in February 2016 is at risk of being put on hold forever. The judges of the Supreme Court have, in fact, declared that they cannot accept the appeal of the Rome public prosecutor against the decision of the GUP, which on April 11 suspended the proceedings, as already ordered by the auxiliary court last October. Ordering a fresh search for the defendants to whom the documents are to be served. A decision that puts a further, more severe, brake on proceedings pending before the Rome court.

“We are waiting to read the reasons, but we consider this decision a miscarriage of justice for all Italians.” Abnormal is “certainly all the evils committed and they continue to impose on Giulio. As citizens we cannot accept or allow. Those who torture and kill will not be punished,” said Regeni’s parents, Paola and Claudio Regeni, commenting on the Supreme Court’s decision with the help of lawyer Alessandra Ballerini.

The Supreme Court judges were called to give their opinion on an appeal brought by Biazelle Claudio’s lawyers, asking them to leave behind this “procedural inertia” that brought the trial to an abrupt halt. Ermellini ruled out that Assis and Gupp’s actions could be challenged through a cassation appeal as “not unusual”. In the morning a sit-in was held in front of the Supreme Court, attended by Giulio’s parents, Claudio and Paola. In the appeal, Deputy Prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco requested “clear” intervention to violate the judge’s rules for preliminary hearings, referring to what was decided last October by the III Court of Assizes, ruling that the procedure. Accused cannot proceed as there is no notice. The office, headed by Franco Lo Voi, required a different technical evaluation to ensure that the four 007s had the guarantees of an approved due process.

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By way of appeal, the magistrates of Piazzelle Claudio asked the Supreme Court to clarify whether it was sufficient to celebrate the trial, “there is a reasonable certainty – as, the court writes in the adjourned rule. Proceedings to the attention of the GUP – four Egyptian defendants that there is a criminal case against them in relation to serious crimes that harm Regeni know”. According to the Capitoline Counsel’s Office, the decision by the Assizes Court contradicts what the Supreme Court has expressed in some rulings. Hearing and charge, when it is there it is essentially in the presence of “pseudo-ignorance”. Last April, in light of the complete shutdown of the Egyptian authorities in judicial cooperation, the judge handed over a new team to the Carabinieri del Rose to carry out further research, renewing the investigation for the next 10th. In recent months, the parents of the Friulian researcher have appealed via social media to ask for a mobilization to identify the addresses of the four torturers. A post on Facebook, published in three languages ​​(Italian, English and Arabic), includes photos of the three defendants identified by Rose in open sources.

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