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Redfall will become a game over time, as promised by Betheda who replicated 60fps on Xbox

Redfall will become a game over time, as promised by Betheda who replicated 60fps on Xbox

Redfall It will not be remembered as one of the pioneers of Arkane Studios, but Bethesda has no intention of giving up, on the contrary, it intends to improve the quality of the title and Make it a “good game” in the next future. Among the items on the list there are also those already promised 60fps on Xbox Series X|Sone of the apples of contention at launch.

At least that’s what Pete Hines, head of publishing at Bethesda Softworks, promised in an interview with GamesIndustry. As proof of his claims, he points out that the company has already published games in the past that were far from perfect at launch (See Fallout 76 for example) which has since been improved thanks to the company’s continued support.

“We’re always in a learning phase, so this is nothing new for us. We don’t like not meeting our players’ expectations. At the same time, we’re the same company that has launches that didn’t work out the way we wanted, and We don’t give away things “Just because they didn’t start well,” Hines said.

The launch of The Elder Scrolls Online on PC wasn’t flawless, but we’re continuing to work on it. It’s now a very popular cross-platform game. The same goes for Fallout 76. For us Redfall is no different. Well, we didn’t get the start we wanted, but it’s still a fun game…and we’ll keep working on it. We’ll be running at 60 FPS (on Xbox Series X|S ed). We’ll make sure it’s a good game because we know Game Pass, as a first-party studio, will last forever. There will be people who will be signing up for Game Pass ten years from now and Redfall will be there.”

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Did the launch of Redfall put pressure on Starfield development?

It’s no secret that the circumstances in which Redfall arrived have prompted a lot of discussion and skepticism in Microsoft management now that Bethesda has one of its studios under its wing, although it should be noted that the company was acquired when work on the game was already in an advanced stage.

When asked if the criticisms of Redfall are in any way there Increased pressure on Team StarfieldWhich is, in fact, the most important Xbox exclusive of 2023 and in general in the past few years, Haynes replied:

Pressure on Starfield? There is always some pressure for each launch. Pressure is an external element that we monitor, but we don’t make it a focal point because we have no control over it. What can we check? Let’s check out the game. How cool is that? How it works? How funny is that? Well, let’s make this right, and everything else will work itself out.”