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How to take amazing pictures of the moon, other than Android devices

How to take amazing pictures of the moon, other than Android devices

You don’t necessarily need expensive cameras or Android phones to photograph the moon, with this trick your iPhone will also take amazing shots.

Full moon photos –

Month August It was special as we were able to see two full moons, one of which is today the first and the other 31 in August. In addition to this moon He had the privilege of being inrock bottomIt is the closest distance from Earth to the sun 356 thousand km.

The British call it blue moon because they saidOnce a blue moon“which can be translated in Italian” At once every pope diedBecause this event happens every day 2 and a half years Hence the reason for its rarity is explained.

thanks for the cameras from U.S smart phones Today it is possible to capture these unique moments that you can keep or Involved with our friends. android He was the first and brought the technology to Photography astronomical And even if apple It seems that there is a way, which few know, to be able to shoot, even from iPhone, Some pictures for screaming moon.

Amazing clicks in your iPhone

the pictures astronomical became one of theSkillMore requests on our smartphones. Android thanks to the use of artificial intelligence through the application Google Imagescapable of taking pictures automatically, which until a few years ago was the exclusive preserve of the most expensive cameras.

Moon iPhone
Moon image for iPhone –

in all this, apple, Despite having the most powerful cameras on his iPhone, he has no specific setup for taking photos astronomical Or at moon. But this does not mean that this cannot be done.

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First of all, in order to take the best photo, you don’t have to click on the photo but on video. Next, you will proceed to select the frame rate and resolution settings in the drop down menu at the top right by setting A 60 frames in the second f 4k.

Once you are done you should framework the moon, Zoom in As much as you can finally click to the moon to preventin Arabic” That would be auto focus.

Now we have to minimum brightness at minimum Until you start to see all details from moon At this point you will be ready to click the button Register.

Keep the key pressed RegisterWait for it to appear on your right a point and who allows you to take picture And Click on it above.

And the result you will get Fascinating.

Shoot the moon
A shot on the moon –

Every shot will be an indelible memory

Now that you know the correct procedure for taking astrophotography like a pro with your photos iPhoneAll you have to do is try photographing the moon in all its glory.

Also, if you want to improve exposure even further, buy a device mobile stand It will allow you to get a clearer image due to its greater stability, so the sensor will be able to capture every detail better.