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Red alert in Fvg, schools closed on Thursday 2 November and Friday 3 November


Wow the dream is back. A red alert has been issued in the area where heavy rainfall, high wind speeds, storm surges and overflowing rivers are expected. Expect inconvenience due to inclement weather from 12pm on Thursday 2nd November to 12pm on Friday 3rd November. In the former provinces of Corizia (except Toberto del Lago), it was decided to close all schools at all levels, including kindergarten in Udine and Portenone. (Schools are closed for the patron saint in Trieste, and may be closed on Friday). Therefore, people are called upon to exercise all necessary normal preventive measures and exercise extreme caution.

The decision was taken by the Regional Committee for Emergencies (Gorem) which met this afternoon at the PcrFvg headquarters in Palmanova to avoid traffic pressure on the roads, even for emergency vehicles. Local public transport (buses and couriers) will be suspended from Thursday 12.00 to Friday 24.00. Also, from the 12th, heavy vehicles, sports competitions and barred gates in public parks will be stopped.

The decisions were taken to guarantee people’s safety in the face of forecasts for the next few days that speak of an event similar to the one that affected Friuli and Veneto in 2018. Friuli will experience heavy rain from 3pm tomorrow to 2am on Friday. Fall, 200 millimeters and winds of 120 kilometers per hour in the mountains and 100 kilometers per hour in the plains. Particularly affected are the Prealpes and Julian Alps, from the Bute Valley to the Canin, from Pontepa to the Val d’Apa. In western Friuli the intensity of the event is less. The event will lose intensity on Friday, but flooding is expected in Cellina-Meduna, Isonzo, Natizone, Torre and Tagliamento. Friday’s flooding in Lattice will be accompanied by storm surges.
The warning will be orange. Instead, in the karst region, problems will arise with storm surge on Friday.

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“Maximum rainfall of 300 mm is expected in 24 hours. What is more worrying is that the most extreme is 200 mm in 12 hours. “The hazard profiles are also related to landslides, landslides, tree falls, flash flooding and inundation of major waterways,” Fedrica and Riccardi said.

“With signs of critical critical issues, taking into account the management of similar situations in the past, given the forecasts, we should try to move as little as possible: hence the decision to close schools and limit local public transport service. Possible, to close public parks and temporarily suspend sporting events. These are necessary precautionary measures, “Hopefully there will be no serious consequences on the ground,” Federica and Riccardi finally added.


Current Status: A significant Atlantic low pressure area will affect between Thursday evening and Friday morning, resulting in a strong influx of very moist southerly currents. During Friday afternoon, the arrival of cooler air at higher elevations will cause unsettled conditions at times.

Thursday, November 2: Generally moderate rain in the morning, heavy in hilly areas.

Thunderstorms worsened Friday afternoon through Friday morning, becoming more severe over the mountains and generally severe elsewhere.

From afternoon, strong winds from south or south-east will prevail over all areas, probably stronger over higher mountains. At the coast, storm surges and high water are possible.

Friday 3rd November: Unstable weather during the day, with intermittent rain and thundershowers, especially in the eastern part and in the hills above about 1500-1700 m. Strong winds with storm surges and high water, mainly from the southwest, will blow the coast.

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