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Ius scholae, Letta: "We will recognize it before the end of time"

Ius scholae, Letta: “We will recognize it before the end of time”

“This Legislature will not end before the introduction of EYES School”. Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party, said this during a confrontation with Giuseppe Conte and Roberto Speranza at the National Assembly of Aredem, the political-cultural area of ​​the Democratic Party in Cortona (Arezzo).

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“We are in this government, it is a unique and unrepeatable experience and we are with the rules that we have had in these months: we know that some things can be achieved and others cannot be achieved. I can create for a long time. We have listed the things that we know are not possible before the next election. , because we know they can’t be done within the contracts of this majority. Outside of the government contracts, we will do some things of parliamentary importance. Do them before the end of the legislature, because we know the conditions are right, because it is right to do them,” the Dem leader said.

“In recent months we talked about Ius Soli, which was a strong ethos. And the right told us: never, then let’s do Ius Scholae. Go check out Meloni’s eight-year report. Today we do Ius Scholae They tell us they can’t do it because of inflation,” he continued.

“I see that many people smelling the air, already preparing for the victory of the center right, companies, journalists … already see Giorgia Meloni in the Palazzo Sigi. I am sure of one thing, Meloni Palazzo will not go to Sigi“The centre-right will not win the election because we will win the next election,” he said.

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