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A deal to honor honor -

A deal to honor honor –

Now that Green Pass has grown and extended to take the form of a real vaccine obligation, it is time to use this to restore our independence. The government must respect the indirect agreement made with the citizens: you follow our instructions, we expel you from the plague. Cover before avoiding the worst and start again as soon as possible. A simple and basic concept.

Here, now that the first part has been completed, we must move on to the second stage, for the economic well-being and the social health of the country. The numbers – after many sacrifices – are on our side: 90 percent of immunization targets are not a distant point on the horizon and the infamous RT code has dropped to 0.85 percent, of which 54 cases are one hundred thousand people. The default is on hand, we have to pick it up. Let it be clear: without the prudent and urgent measures taken by the government – from General Fikliulo’s vaccination program to the first and often contradictory drafts of the Green Pass – the beast of prey would not be where it is today. This is clear and only those with bad faith can deny it: Italy is one of the most affected countries in the world and is now the least viral country in Europe.

But now, protected by vaccines and a green passport (at least in part), we have to start all over again and, above all, reopen. The efforts of recent months must be repaid. We are not talking about sophists or abstract rationality, but the most practical things: bringing back theaters, discos, cinemas, theaters and museums to their natural potential (the arts are probably the most vulnerable and certainly the least refreshing), even the use of masks in remote learning rooms and closed spaces. Do and start planning. That means returning – with all the necessary precautions and knowing full well that there is zero risk – as usual for everyday life. Citizens have relied on the state like never before, and now the government must not trust the citizens. And give them back a normal life.

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