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Ravioli, t-shirts, pizza, cocktails and ice cream: the whole city unites for #forzavigevano


It is striking that Many people and many facts are very far from each otherwho probably didn’t get along well before, yeah United for a common cause. To raise money for agriculture A thousand trees (or even more) in the city in which The green was severely damaged From a storm August 26. Just a few hours later, the hashtag appeared #forzavigevanoWhich later became a volunteer organization. Indeed beyond that 2500 euros Collected in a very special formula: Companies sell a specially created product And donate a portion of the proceeds. The goal is to reach at least 10 thousand. A major event will allow us to get closer to this number.

«Thursday 26 October – Piero Marco explains tie my shoespresident of #forzavigevano and leader of the civic group Vigevano First – at the Class restaurant in Spaces Vigevano Golf Club We are all waitingSolidarity aperitif, from 8:30 p.m. Twenty euros: half for the organizers to cover living expenses, and the other half for the cause. We would like participants to come the T-shirt From #Forzavigevano. Includes evening meal plus buffet entertainment By comedian Stefano Qudaroliwho is also vice president of the Giuseppe Influencer Association Mercuryby the duo Ylenia Carbone-Mattia Riccardi, who will perform an acoustic concert and DJ quarry, Andrea Cavalieri. In addition, some athletes from the Elachim Vigevano team will participate Basketball City, and Tennis Silva Alta.

«Spare – Pizzi adds – It would be better to contact me or Rosy Roscigno, who organizes (numbers: 349.3069630 or 345.6130537), but There are 140 seats: You can also come last minute, or just after dinner has left
Offer”. The initiative has everyone involved. In addition to the T-shirt, the first item on sale, there is the #forzavigevano ice cream, for example, which is leading the fundraising process. There Ravioli Yellow and blue. There are cocktails. Then beer, sweets, pizza and sandwiches are about to be marketed. By purchasing them you contribute. There is also current account Custom, and its IBAN is IT06F0623023000000032655507.

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He concludes by saying: “The goal of planting a thousand trees must be pursued In cooperation with the municipalitySpeak with Public Green Space Consultant, Ricardo Gia. We aim not only to replace fallen plants, but also to obtain new plants. Example: When they remove the bells to collect the glass, it will be interesting to cover the holes. We’ll see. I m truly proud About how the city responds and overcomes different divisions.”


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