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Paulo Fox’s predictions tomorrow, October 23, 2023: Gemini, Capricorn, Libra, Leo

Paulo Fox’s predictions tomorrow, October 23, 2023: Gemini, Capricorn, Libra, Leo

Paolo Fuchs has long made his way with a certain efficiency in disparate horoscope contexts, reinforced by a simple, understandable but not shallow communication strategy: the famous astrologer born in Rome about sixty years ago gradually developed by making use of very understandable concepts, and worked and continued for several decades even with The spread of the Internet. The different zodiac signs described here have already been “examined” read and understood by Paulo Fuchs himself.

Paulo Fox’s horoscope tomorrow, October 23, 2023: Gemini

Gemini in this period will have an annoying tendency to want to trust in an almost completely conscious way, in people who are naturally difficult to control and are considered reliable in the absolute sense: there is something seemingly inexplicable behind this concept, but perhaps the reality is much more simple. To explain.

Gemini may have a form of “mental” confrontation with someone, and thus their personality in an impulsive way demonstrates that they are relatively immature and thus seek answers or consider doing so from those who can provide more understandable answers. But is it worth it?

Paulo Fox’s horoscope tomorrow, October 23, 2023: Capricorn

Capricorn will not tune in to “empathy” at this point. He will not be the bad guy in the situation, and for some it will be worse, as Capricorn will be formally inactive and unwilling to reveal himself but also to make his thinking critical. More than physical comfort, Capricorn will need to regulate his relationship with others.

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Therefore, it is not laziness but the desire to question oneself by not being silent, but, on the contrary, to highlight our ideas also to “test” them and make them attractive to others.

Paulo Fox’s horoscope tomorrow, October 23, 2023: Libra

Libra is one of the signs most likely to reveal their secrets at this time of year: they may want to be appreciated and perhaps even courted in some way, so this form of transparency could indicate a lowering of their defenses, a profile that remains intact. . It will naturally make them less selective and efficient than usual. It is a form of attitude that must be taken into account.

At the same time, Libra will not necessarily be able to try to solve all the social problems of the day: they will have to be content with small news and various signs.

Paulo Fox’s horoscope tomorrow, October 23, 2023: Leo

The rule “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is not always valid, but this time it might definitely be worth keeping in mind. To address next week’s problems it may be necessary to be more flexible and more communicative with personalities focused on finding the solution with reference.

Leo may be considered “nice” when he needs help, but the truth is that he is simply a very welcoming person.

Good day from Paulo Fox!