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Rain is guaranteed for the weekend.  Showers and thunderstorms may also be strong.  Here are the details « 3B Meteo

Rain is guaranteed for the weekend. Showers and thunderstorms may also be strong. Here are the details « 3B Meteo

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The start of the weekend will turn out to be very interesting from a meteorological perspective. There will be one General restoration All current Baric figures in Europe. Something deeper Cool bag Arctic-ocean origin originating from Greenland and colonization events in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia Snow even at low altitudes. At the same time, the African anticyclone will begin to move towards eastern Europe and a storm will form over the North Atlantic Anticyclonic reentry It then heads towards the British Isles and Scandinavia. A one-of-a-kind game of four corners! In this great exchange of “ideas”. Italy will have its share of rainFrom the beginning of the month the first and temperature differences will be even greater events They may have a stormy background and may be the result strong intensity. Hail is also unavoidable. This happens especially during cold front transit During Sunday. Saturday will be a kind of preparation for what will happen the next day. From a thermal point of view, There will be a drop in temperature But this will still not be enough to bring the entire peninsula to the average level, and many regions, especially in the south, will still be Abnormal heat And we will have to wait until next week to see the African anti-storm decisively defeated. So let’s see how it should go with the latest emissions:

on Saturday The progressive approach of the cold front will bring considerable clouds to the north and some rain from the afternoon/evening, especially in the Alps/Pre-Alps and Liguria. Between evening and night, especially at night, events will intensify between Lombardy and Triveneto, and reach the plains and Emilia Romagna. The weather is still sunny in the rest of the peninsula, but clouds will increase in Upper Tuscany and there is a chance of rain or thunderstorms between evening and night. The temperature should not change significantly, the increase due to Favonian currents will affect the whole Adriatic side and maybe even 30/31 degrees Celsius.

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On Sunday The front will continue its march towards the southeast. Rain and thunderstorms are expected from the morning, including strong ones in the north, especially lower Lombardy, Triveneto and Emilia Romagna and partly in the center, especially in Tuscany with the possibility of cloudbursts and hail. From the afternoon the events will gradually move towards Umbria, Marche and Lazio, demonstrating an even stronger intensity. Still further south between Campania, Molise and Gargano there is no tendency for showers and thunderstorms between evening and night. Temperatures are expected to drop further, and may even return to average in areas subject to rainfall, while elsewhere they will remain erratic. Winds will strengthen from the four southwesterlies, and a strong gale is expected in the Triestino region in the evening. Wave motion will increase significantly.

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