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The weather is warming up, and we’ll tell you when fall is coming

The weather is warming up, and we’ll tell you when fall is coming

The first real autumn cold is ready to hit Italy

The first cold of autumn arrives in Italy, but in reality it seems very cold, because we have been in a very long phase with very high temperatures for that period.
In short, after the weekend, not only will the unusual heat stop, but suddenly, it may be time. Turn on the heat!

After several days with short shirts (but even dresses in some cases), we definitely need to dust off heavy clothes.
To understand what is about to happen, we must shift our focus to the northern part of the old continent. Cyclone (Called Beautiful by Us”Jellyfish“) Heading directly to Western Europe (and Italy). heavy wind.
In short, here we areEpilogue to a long and erratic heat wave It has been categorized over the last few weeks.

On the temperature front, the turning point will be today Monday, October 16 As the disturbance passes, determine the severity phase of the severe weather, and the actual heat collapse, Starting from the north and center, but with subsequent involvement of the south.
A drop of approximately 10/15°C in maximum temperature is expected compared to current values.
In short, when Next week During the day there will be crisp air, especially rainfall and we will practically switch from a summer climate to a completely autumnal climate.

From the graph, a drop in temperature is evident from Monday, October 16
In the next few days we will see which parts of our country will be affected the most by temperature change. We are sure to psychologically prepare ourselves to turn on the radiators and take the jackets out of the closets: the first cold weather is ready to hit Italy.

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