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Questions to ask to identify an influencer – Il Tempo

Questions to ask to identify an influencer – Il Tempo

Given the participation of Chiara Ferragni in «Che tempo che fa», scheduled to take place tomorrow, March 3, Codacons sent a message to Fabio Fazio asking the host to ask the influencer some specific questions during the interview that will be directed on Channel Nine. «We approach the host with the certainty that he has already considered every aspect related to the very careful choice to invite a guest like Chiara Ferragni, today at the heart of a judicial and media whirlpool that requires caution and attention regarding the role she plays as “suitable for the host”,' Codacons wrote in the letter. In order to “avoid the concerns expressed by the Lazio TAR judges”, the consumer association asks the host to propose some specific questions “to Ms Ferragni”.

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These are the texts of the questions that the former Rai broadcaster must address to Fidesz’s wife: “1. Is it true that in your profiles it is not possible to exclude the presence of previously purchased followers? 2. Why did you restrict your personal files for a period and prevent the freedom to comment, and only positive ones were read? 3. Is it true that you requested to block the file of the girl who criticized you? If yes, why? 4. In many moments and posts, is it true that you have dressed your children in Ferragni clothing lines that can be traced back to you? Do you think he was advertising at the time? 5. Regarding the paloco pandoro, do you believe that the contents of the cartridges led the buyer to believe that the proceeds would benefit sick children? Or are you anyway able to rule out this possibility in advance? 6. You claimed, in your interview with Corriere della Sera, that if the charity was made public, a “mimesis effect” would be created. Why then included in the contract with Balocco for “Pink Christmas” the obligation not to convey news of the donation to the outside world in any way? 7. Why, immediately after the Paluku case broke out, were the posts about Easter eggs, which were also sold for charity and ended up at the center of the prosecutor's investigation, deleted from his social pages? It is difficult to believe that Fazio will allow the Codacons to dictate his line of conduct, as he will have his eyes firmly set on a face-to-face meeting with Ferragni.

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