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Whoopi Goldberg thanks him for the honor for Sister Act

Whoopi Goldberg thanks him for the honor for Sister Act

Unlimited success for Fiorello and “Viva Rai2!” The performance of the Sicilian showman and Mahmoud, who together paid tribute to the famous film “Sister Act”, did not go unnoticed in the eyes of actress Whoopi Goldberg, who in 1992 played the role of the heroine of the novel, Sister Maria Clarita.

The American actress's enthusiastic reaction

The American star expressed his great appreciation for the honor, as he posted a video of the performance on his social channels, accompanied by the words, “Thank you, Mahmoud and Fiorello.” Goldberg also commented on the performance during her talk show “The View,” which she hosts on ABC: “I'm honored that they did a tribute show to Sister Act for my birthday.”

“Let me tell you what happened in Italy today. I am honored that the Italian artist Fiorello and singer Mahmoud performed the song Sister Act on my birthday. “It is amazing,” Whoopi Goldberg said on television. The actress was amazed by this honor, but Fiorello was even more surprised. Because he didn't think he could attract her attention. “I can't believe it,” the Sicilian showman commented on social media.

Excellent reviews for Viva Rai2!

The new season of Viva Rai2 is off to a really great start. A great success for Fiorello and his team, who accompany the spectators' wake with lots of news, ridicule and fun. In the first week, Fiorello recorded an average audience of 1,050,000 with a growth rate of 20.1% and approximately 3.8 million contacts. Compared to the beginning of the week from 5 to 9 December 2022, the number of listeners increased by 74% with a 6.4% increase in share. During the program's broadcast period, Rai 2 was the most followed channel in Italy throughout the five days of broadcast.

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Viva Rai2 makes the Italian public change their habits. Suffice it to say that during the broadcast of the program, on average during the week, 525 thousand additional people watched television compared to the same time period as in the previous period. And those who couldn't see it on TV used RaiPlay as the show recorded a 58% increase in terms of live stream listeners.

The international success of Viva Rai2

Viva Rai2's success transcends national borders too, as evidenced by the attention it has received from global superstar Whoopi Goldberg. The Sister Act tribute hit the mark with the American actress, who wanted to publicly thank Fiorello and Mahmoud for their performances. The clip went viral abroad and allowed Ray's new morning show to gain popularity in the United States as well.

The secret of Fiorello's success

The key to this astonishing success is the lightness with which Fiorello is able to address current issues, expertly blending satire, comedy and journalistic professionalism. The fast pace, twists and funny gags attract the audience from the early hours of the morning, giving them an infectious good mood. This is also thanks to Fiorello's many traveling companions, such as impersonator Vincenzo De Lucia and rapper Fabbri Vibra, who enriched the show with sketches and musical performances.

Viva Rai2 is a perfect example of how to modernize Italian public television, focusing on new faces able to combine popularity and talent. It's a brave experiment that's paying off, as Auditel's ever-increasing data confirms. Fiorello knows how to speak to his audience, describing pressing current issues in a satirical way. The secret of his success lies in his ability to move from jokes to news, from nonsense to deeper reflections. A new way of doing information and entertainment that is very popular in Italy and beyond.

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