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Musquio Selvaggio Mr. Mara: “Fedes has a special personality, but he and Chiara are not monsters”

Musquio Selvaggio Mr. Mara: “Fedes has a special personality, but he and Chiara are not monsters”

“The issue with Chiara, like it or not, is a personal matter. It's definitely a difficult time for Federico, regardless of the latest news events. “They are not monsters, but parents who love their children very much.” The speaker is Mr. Mara, the pseudonym of David Mara, the podcast host and singer who last May replaced Luis Salle as co-host of the Muschio Selvaggio show with Fedez, after a dispute between the two that has not yet been resolved. And just in the past few days, a judge ruled as a precaution to freeze Fedez's shares pending a final decision.“I heard about Sal months ago, when I started, and it seemed right to me because I personally respect other people's work,” Mara said. Momage“We don't talk anymore for obvious reasons. Taking charge of him was a huge challenge: I had to replace an influential person who was loved and followed, and I was also very critical of Muschio Selvaggio's management. So taking over the administration that I criticized so strongly was not easy, because the public is ready to attack you.” And he certainly does not hide behind modesty: “I knew I could do it, because I knew that I was the best at my job. The thing I wanted to do with respect for Federico’s project “And Lewis is giving it a completely different twist.”

Relationship with Fidesz

In the interview, Mr. Mara also spoke about his relationship with Fedez, at a difficult moment for the rapper and his family. “Fedez, I won't hide it, he has a rather special personality. He is impulsive, a man of the heart, but reacts “from the gut.” “I often don't agree with what he says and does,” Mara admitted, then spoke about the many arguments his colleague had with his friends, “It also seems to me foolish to think that he is always arguing with everyone. His relationships are overly exposed and therefore everything is always exaggerated.” “And after that it is very difficult to argue with me. He always behaved impeccably with me, was never arrogant and was always very humble. If we quarreled it would not be the end of the world. We all change and so the world around us changes.” Also an idea about the situation of the Fedez family: “From what I have seen, the love towards their children truly knows no bounds. I am disgusted by those who insinuated during this period that they were using it as a distraction. It may also be true that they want to protect themselves from this Shit storm For example, I personally don't approve of overexposure, but they are actually loving parents. “The problem with Chiara is a personal matter, and it is definitely a difficult period for Federico.”

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