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Il Volo: After the violent argument between Gianluca and Piero, now comes the confirmation of the group!

Il Volo: After the violent argument between Gianluca and Piero, now comes the confirmation of the group!

To fully understand the reasons for the alleged crisis between the members of Il Volo, we need to go back to the interview that Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone gave to Radio Number One last February. During the conversation we talked about Sanremo 2024 and the covers evening during which the three singers performed Queen's song Who Wants to Live Forever with Steve Burns. On that occasion, Ginoble made a comment about how the audience appreciates their more fun and spontaneous side while performing, stressing that they can be different from how the general public perceives them.

However, these words sparked an immediate reaction from Barron, who expressed his discomfort at the way Ginoble expressed himself, firmly declaring that everyone should be free to be themselves without speaking on behalf of others. This incident generated some tension between the two members of the group, sparking rumors of a possible impending breakup. However, given Il Volo's long history of collaboration and success, it is difficult to imagine a permanent breakup.

To get a clearer view of the current situation, you need to hear directly from Ginoble and Barron, who can provide a more accurate perspective on how things are going within the group.

Fixed arguments

Rumors of discord and rumors about the possible dissolution of the Il Volo trio – composed of Ignazio Bochetto, Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Baroni – have caused a real stir in recent weeks. But during their participation in the Domenica In episode, the three decided to clarify the alleged internal misunderstanding.

During the broadcast, Ginoble joked about the alleged tensions within the group, saying: “The three of us? We argue every day. Now we are together but we are also free… We are like dissidents… No, no matter what the joke, today it doesn't take much to spread the news. Mara, you know that better than us…but it's okay, come on!”

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Furthermore, Ginoble revealed that several people stopped them in the street to express their concern about the trio's possible breakup: “They told us 'Don't break up, you're strong together, don't break up.'” “People were upset because they read the news, but in the end it turned out to be just a misunderstanding.”

Finally, Ginoble joked about Ignazio's role within the group, defining him as the “balance” who maintains balance between himself and Piero, who are considered the “opposite poles” of the trio.

Will Il Volo break up?

The latest statements issued by the three artists leave no room for doubt. This shows that although there are tensions and rumours, the relationship between Piero, Ignacio and Gianluca remains strong and inseparable. Their friendship and collaboration are cornerstones of their musical career and continue to be an essential component of the group's success.

After fifteen years of working together, it is clear that the three members of Il Volo are deeply united and that their understanding goes beyond mere artistic collaboration. The statements made during the interview on Viva Radio2 with Fiorello were clear and unambiguous: separation is not contemplated and their union is like an indivisible atom.

With these statements, the members of Il Volo wanted to reassure their fans that there are no splits or Yoko Ono-like situations on the horizon. Their determination to remain united despite difficulties is a sign of cohesion and solidity that promises a future of success and cooperation for the trio.