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Puma Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat Pro 75: the racing shoe

Puma Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat Pro 75: the racing shoe

The brand celebrates 75 years with Puma Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat Pro 75The special edition shoe that embodies the spirit of speed, innovation and performance. The Speedcat Pro 75 is the commercial edition driver’s shoe, carefully crafted using years of racing experience and cutting-edge technology.

SpeedCat Pro 75 in limited edition It is the exceptional combination of advanced materials, meticulous craftsmanship and iconic design that has made Puma a symbol of excellence in the world of motorsport.

Puma Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat Pro 75

Designed with the needs of racing professionals in mind, the Puma Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat Pro 75 features a lightweight textile upper and lining, ensuring optimal speed and comfort, as well as increased fire protection.

A real carbon fiber heel counter provides essential heel support, giving riders ultimate control over the pedals. The low-profile rubber sole ensures excellent grip, while the EVA shoe provides proper comfort without compromising agility.

The Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat Pro 75 featuresThe famous Rosso Corsa With a black Puma stripe, it represents the intense passion and performance synonymous with Scuderia. The only element that distinguishes between the two versions of the Scuderia Ferrari drivers – Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz – is pilot number, unobtrusively placed inside. In addition, each shoe proudly displays the Puma 75 logo on the outer tongue and the Puma – Forever Faster since 1948 logo, which embodies Puma’s heritage of speed and innovation.

Puma Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat Pro 75

To add an extra layer of individuality and authenticity, each pair of Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat Pro 75 Limited Edition: Driver shoes comes with A unique serial number from 1 to 75. with Only 75 pairs were produced For each racer, this limited-edition feature adds a touch of individuality and collectibility to each shoe, making it a truly special addition to any racing enthusiast’s collection.

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