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Part Borosangoy Ferrari, part space shuttle: here’s the new SUV that has everyone enchanted

Part Borosangoy Ferrari, part space shuttle: here’s the new SUV that has everyone enchanted

This SUV is very similar to the Ferrari Borrosange, but it also has the characteristics of a space shuttle. The pictures are impressive

Just look at it to fall in love, as it possesses An aesthetic that has a few equals around it. Not to mention its specifications, it looks like a hologram from another planet. Rather, it actually exists and knowing its properties will help to understand the high level of knowledge that mechanical technology has reached today.

The SUV that looks like a thoroughbred –

Engineers haven’t been able to create anything better since then This SUV, like the Ferrari Thoroughbred and the Space Shuttle, It seems to have mesmerized almost everyone. It’s an innovation that came directly from the company’s ingenuity Pininfarina, which over the years has accustomed us to undoubtedly wonderful models. But this model seems to outshine them all, as its shapes are completely original and impressive.

Unparalleled specimen

The company in question, in fact, produced a straightened SUV Pura Vision, which has completely futuristic properties. This car has headlights made with a kind of fiber laser technology, infotainment panels in touchscreen mode, and even a cooler inside the passenger compartment, which is useful for refreshing any kind of beverage. This is the luxury concept of the company that showcased the aforementioned model at the Monterey Auto Show in California.

It is not only the aesthetic part that makes you speechless, but also the interior of this SUV has unimaginable luxury. On the surface, it may look like a difficult and heavy car to drive, however The power steering managed to make this model very light and agile. A sporty, refined and luxurious version, powered exclusively by electricity.

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wild yachts
Spatial Land Yacht (YouTube) –

We remember that Pininfarina is used to such visions, Because since its foundation, initially as a simple auto body shop (in 1930 in Turin), it has always been able to impress anyone. Even the most experts in the sector, during the first days of its activity, noticed what it was capable of creating, so they decided to entrust Pininfarina with different projects related to new and innovative productions. For example, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider They are meticulously derived from designs produced by the Turin-based company.

Back to this exciting, specific SUV a land yacht, it has huge wheels, Almost as if it looks like a bike. Another great feature is located under the windshield, where a special illumination indicates the charge level of the battery in it. Once all the doors are open, in wing mode, the car looks like… adapter; However, this is not a fantasy, but pure reality.