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Pnrr: From Cdm ok to Order to Simplify Objectives – Economy

The Council of Ministers has approved a new mandate on the NRP with a series of rules to facilitate the achievement of the 45 recovery targets expected by June. From the Code against the Code of Conduct for Public Administration to measures against the evasion of European funds from the electrification of ports. No electronic invoice VAT numbers are obligated to make 2024 euros in income up to 25 thousand euros within the regime: it will explain the mandate on -vasion rules Pnrr, according to government sources, according to lessons learned from one of the changes introduced in the cabinet’s opposition package. The handing over of the demand for the exclusion of children to Lega Giancarlo Giorgetti has been made in the message released by the President.

From the Code against the Code of Conduct for Public Administration to measures against the evasion of European funds from the electrification of ports. Here are the draft thinkers that the measures were tested by the cabinet:

Anti-evasion – Energy efficiency monitoring system is up to 110% enhanced by Ecobonus and Sismabonus operations. Undeclared work The results of the so-called single national portal managed by the “supervisory action results” “National Labor Inspector: in addition, undeclared work, a single national portal has been created to compete National Submersible Portal (PNS)“, Which modifies and integrates existing databases.

Justice – The Technical-Scientific Committee to Monitor the Performance of Civil Justice, Fair Time of Inquiry and Judicial Statistics. It is a consulting and support organization in the time frame for achieving the “acceleration and simplification” goals of civil operations. The committee, headed by the Minister of Justice or his representative, has a maximum of 15 members and is not compensated.

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State social – News Public Administration also comes: DL Occurrence Draft The code is “Proper Use of Information Technologies and Information and Social Media Devices”Also “protect image” Public Administration. You will also need it to access a public job Knowledge of “at least one foreign language” Be sure to check out the matches.

Finance and Regions – PNRR funds can go into the same mission, changing goals, and strengthening dowry “Flag projects” of the regions. In fact, those who make the following project selection procedures through administrations that hold any savings investments can go for leadership projects “within the same missions and components as the NRP” drafted under the CDM probationary test.

Infrastructure – The draft of the order also provides I Projects Purpose of construction of works and mills Electrification of ports As well as jobs and related infrastructure “financially, in whole or in part, with resources provided by the NRP” or “co-financed by EU structural funds” Consider itself a public good“And” non-procrastination will be classified as emergency. ”

Compensation for victims of the Third Reich – A “fund Victims of crimes against humanity and repayment of damages caused by crimesTo infringe on a person’s inviolable rights, Conducted on Italian territory by the forces of the Third Reich from 1 September 1939 to 8 May 1945.The agreement between the Italian Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany is already a continuation of the “Republican decree of April 14, 1962” being implemented under the President. Have a title having “access.

In the morning, the President of the European Commission Ursula van der Leyen The next generation announced the first tariff of the Eu to Italy 21 billion euros.