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PlayStation Showcase or State of Play in May, according to a rumour

PlayStation Showcase or State of Play in May, according to a rumour

According to well-known VentureBeat journalist, Jeff GroupThere is a real possibility of that Sony He has a pitch event planned for next month, maybe one Play status or view PlayStation Showcase TRUE.

Obviously this is just a rumor at the moment, but the source in question has proven in the past to be quite reliable on these matters, so we'll take it into consideration anyway, pending any developments.

According to Grubb, in a month Maggio 2024 There will be a Sony presentation event, State of Play or PlayStation Showcase, where many of the PS5's new features will be showcased.

Silent Hill 2 will be shown at the event

Silent Hill 2 can be viewed at the new demo event

“I heard there's going to be a PlayStation… or something, or State of Play or Showcase, in May, so there will probably be,” the journalist said, speaking about Silent Hill 2which is actually the main topic of discussion.

The livestream was actually talking about the remake of Konami's game, which may be closer to a release after the ESRB rating. Apparently, according to Grubb, Silent Hill 2 Remake could be showcased next month during an official showcase event by Sony PlayStation.

At this point, we're awaiting any confirmation on this, considering that Sony's official announcements about these events usually arrive very soon after they air.

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