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If you use these apps to find love, be very careful: they steal your data and identity

If you use these apps to find love, be very careful: they steal your data and identity

Be careful if you use these apps to find love online. There are some things that steal your data and identity: here's how to identify them.

Dating apps It has achieved unprecedented success in recent years. there Millions of people around the world Who decided to create a profile about the most popular Tinder Or on many other alternatives, with the aim of finding your better half quickly and easily. Their process is very simple.

Beware of these apps to find love, they steal your data –

After registration, you are taken to a cauldron where there is no one It can be “scrolled” left or right To love or not to love. in “Match” statusThat is, when both people like it, You can start chatting And get to know each other better.

If on the one hand there are many safe and well-established companies, on the other hand there are some apps that actually make it happen They are very dangerous. They can steal from you Data and identity. The alarm has officially sounded, here are the programs we're talking about and how to identify them and thus defend yourself in the best way possible.

Dating apps that steal everything from you: Here's how to spot them

He thought about sounding the alarm Mozilla non-profit organizationWhich you probably already know from Firefox. And according to what we read, there is good 11 dating platforms Which in fact they failed to protect User privacy. But in reality, it may lead to the theft of sensitive data and identity.

Here's what happens if you use these dating apps
The alarm has sounded for these dating apps –

Specifically, these are those services that provide the opportunity to Find love with romantic chatbots Based onartificial intelligence. They are not classic dating apps for meeting real people, but alternative services for spending time in the company With default avatars.

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It seems that among these dangerous applications there are also prominent names such as Replica of AI, Chai, EVA AI Chat Boy & Soulmate. Which matters most 100 million downloads Only on Google Play Store. A disturbing report shows how these services manage to do this Selling and sharing personal data For registered users through tracking devices. Any pieces of code capable of collecting information about people's devices and data.

The information is usually shared with third-party companies, such as Facebook, For advertising purposes. An average of 2,663 traces per minute. This is why you should be very careful when using these AI-based services, as the risk is that you may lose all rights to them Respect your personal privacy.