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On May 1st in Rome, it will be an unmissable concert: I'm counting down just to listen to it

On May 1st in Rome, it will be an unmissable concert: I'm counting down just to listen to it

The May Day concert in Rome is an absolutely unmissable event with amazing singers and exceptional guests.

The May 1st concert is now an established annual event held since 1990, with Italian and foreign celebrities taking to the stage, such as Robert Plant, former member of Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Iron Maiden and the Liberators.

This year this event will be held Exceptional in Circus Maximus (due to the jubilee celebrations that prevented it from being held in Piazza San Giovanni), and the full list of celebrities who will take the stage at the event he promoted CGIL, CISL and UIL.

As every year, a competition was also held This year's emerging winner will be rewarded. 1MNEXT's goal was actually to choose who would participate in Concertone 2024, through three stages, Receiving the award during a live television broadcast.

Among the judges who chose the three winners (only one of whom will be awarded a prize at the end of the show), there was the artistic director of the concerto, massimo bonelli, Artistic Director Numero Uno/Sony Music, Sarah Potente, Lucia Staciotti At iCompany, Annarita Masolo di factory goodness e Simona Orlando In rockol.

How to attend the concert on May 1 in Rome?

Entry to the event will be Free and free for everyoneMoreover, for those who live far away or want to watch the show comfortably sitting on the sofa at home, you can listen to it Radio Ray 2 or Ray 3, The entire ceremony will be broadcast live from three in the afternoon until after midnight.

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With Radio Rai 2, you will have the opportunity to… Participate behind the scenes of the eventwhere it will have the honor of collaborating with SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), which They will understand the immediate feelings of the participantswhether singers or hosts, offer a more exclusive view.

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Who will lead and sing at the May 1 concert in Rome?

Among the hosts, it is impossible not to mention the two extremely enthusiastic people Noemi and Ermal Meta, Who will skillfully present an almost endless list of singers that will entertain lovers of good music. Among them appear e.g Achille Lauro, Piero Bello, Quiz, Ultimo, Morgan, Tananay, Negramaros and Mahmoud.

The mantra that will serve as the common denominator throughout the event is desire Let us build together a Europe of peace, work and social justice, He also accompanies everything with a hashtag #1M2024Which will fill all your social media with posts, photos, videos and previews.