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Perla and Mirko squeal, and Beatrice Luzzi triumphs

Perla and Mirko squeal, and Beatrice Luzzi triumphs

in Big Brother report cards for Monday 26 February There are highs and lows in both the episode and this version of Alfonso Signorini's reality show.

Federico Massaro: I vote for Super Mario. Meaning a video game. Come on, that can't be true. He can't move really jerkily. He couldn't really have such disproportionate reactions to a glass of milk. Come on, he's clearly acting. bad. But he acts.

Extraction of the story between Giuseppe Garibaldi and Beatrice Luzzi: Vote I would like to sing like Biagio Antonacci. What does it have to do with it? Nothing, just like this false story that ended centuries ago. Because talking about it again, which obviously embarrasses these two poor things, is useless. But the writers and host Alfonso Signorini chose this genius. Wasted minutes.

Fake feud between Perla Fatero and Mirko Brunetti: I vote Wow, what a situation. The story between these two is clearly more fake than a 47 euro note. She apparently stays glued to any piece of furniture in the Big Brother house, so once someone asks her if she wants to ditch the reality show to run to Mirko, she pretends to be an opossum so as not to get tricked. consideration. The farce between the two is so obvious and so simply constructed that it makes any series starring Grecia Colmenares in the past forty years seem like a masterpiece.

Italian Perla Fatero: Vote, stay away from the edge. Every time Perla opens her mouth, the big hit is right around the corner. The phrase “I would have acted” and then “I would have acted” puts the mental health of Italian grammarians in serious danger. Who has thought of this crazy gesture so many times. Someone send a teacher into the house, please.

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Simona Tagli: Wet powder voting. We were hoping that Tiger had entered the house ready to shoot anyone, finally moving a reality show that never really took off this season, and instead actually getting lost in the folds of extremely boring character events. Simo, we are already filled with your presence.

Beatrice Luzzi: Professional classification. As a good reality show competitor, she has been and continues to be so since day one of Big Brother, and once she was nominated as the first finalist for this edition of the show, she is not making tearful dramas or who knows what statements. on the contrary. She does what you'd expect from a professional: she thanks the audience, the company, and the Big Brother producer. From the series: This is work and I work. Maybe if everyone understood…

Grecia Colmenares: Vote by Barbara D'Urso. Their faces are reminiscent on any occasion of that of Carmelita, with the difference that Grecia is more torn apart than the statue of the Madonna of Trevignano. Greece remains a mystery: you never understand what it says and in what language it is said. For this reason, she will likely be one of the finalists.

Greta Rossetti and Sergio Dutavi: Two ratings are better than one. Alone they don't make sense as contestants on a reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, so they might pretend, less credibly, to have a special relationship. Obviously, this is all in favor of camera and television editing.

Alfonso Signorini: They voted, but why?. “Pearl, do you know any other Calypso? Here's Calypso at his best.” Did we really hear a joke on Canale 5 that we didn't even hear on TeleDoDiSantaRagione? Persilvio, are you out to dinner this evening too? Watch the episodes on Mediaset Infinity again please .

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