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“It bothers me to see her like this in Europe, she has a beautiful face.”

“It bothers me to see her like this in Europe, she has a beautiful face.”

Giorgio Armaniduring his press conference following the show at Milan Fashion Week, also spoke about the Prime Minister Georgia Meloni And its role in Europe.

What did Giorgio Armani say about Giorgia Meloni?

In response to a foreign journalist who asked him about his opinion of the “far-right government” led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Giorgio Armani replied:

“Ha Two “important components” in a fairly strong bodyHe doesn't have them, but he seems to have them. I am not familiar with the policy and strategies you are implementing, It sometimes bothers me to see them so small and compact in Europe Amidst so many elegant gentlemen and statues, there was her little jacket… He has a beautiful face“.

Designer Giorgio Armani, on the occasion of the last Fashion Week in Milan in February 2024.

Giorgio Armani criticism of Milan Fashion Week

Giorgio Armani considers Milan Fashion Week to be hectic and very focused. In this regard, the designer announced that he had “Send a message to the fashion room“.

During the press conference, Giorgio Armani also said: “When I design my fashions, I always think about women who I can meet anywhere and not in the midst of intellectual and sexual excitement. I think of women who are compatible with their faces. We keep accepting everyone, but I'm not there. I'm tired of seeing a crazy girl walking around in her underwear on Via Montenapoleone in Milan. Women have been turned into something desirable, and if there are 50% of men who like them that way, 50% of them will say no.”

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The designer then revealed to the journalists present at his press conference: “I I hate the term fashion“I would like it to be cancelled.”

Giorgio Armani's works yesterday and today

Giorgio Armani described his work as a designer yesterday and today: “I'm having the same effort as I did when I started There were Carnaby Street guys and I didn't like that trend. So I chose to go ahead and wear my jackets for men and women. “A bit like what I'm doing now.”

Image source: ANSA