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The Walk Road to Freedom movie, cast, actors, ending, where it was filmed

The Walk Road to Freedom movie, cast, actors, ending, where it was filmed

Sky Cinema because Suggest the movie with the title The march is the path to freedom. It is a dramatic film with a suspenseful atmosphere.

Production is from United States of America. The year of production is 2022 and its duration is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Movie actors

The Walk: The Road to Freedom movie – direction, heroes, location

The trend is by Daniel Adams. The main heroes are Bill Coughlin H McLaughlin Played straight before Justin Chatwin H Malcolm McDowell. Also in the cast Katie Douglas In turn Kate Coughlin.

Filmed in Americaespecially A New Orleans and surrounding areas in the province Louisiana.

Production is from Monkoser Filmworks In cooperation with Cinema Management Group H Vertical entertainment.

The film is known worldwide by the title Walking.

The Walk to Freedom movie where it was filmedThe Walk to Freedom movie where it was filmed

The Walk to Freedom – The Story of the film was broadcast on Sky Cinema Due

The film is based on a true story that happened over the years seventy. This is a very dramatic story regarding the integration that was always considered very difficult between the existing white and black populations in the United States. United State.

we are in Boston In 1974. In this particular historical era, it was decided to forcibly integrate white and black children.

The initiative was discussed for a long time until it was finally approved. But this choice is not popular in working-class neighborhoods southernWhere the largest percentage of Ireland's population lives. The agent takes care of this forced integration Bill Coughlin. In fact, he would be the one who would undertake the very difficult task of school bus escorting black children and taking them to schools in white neighborhoods.

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Final spoiler

It won't be easy for him invoice Achieving the goal that was imposed on him above all because he would have to clash in an often ferocious way with the criminal part of Irish society that absolutely did not want colored people in the schools where they sent their children.

The final film, Walk The Road to FreedomThe final film, Walk The Road to Freedom

Walk the Road to Freedom: Full Cast

Below is the film's cast The march is the path to freedom And the characters played by the actors

  • Justin Chatwin: Bill Coughlin
  • Malcolm McDowell:McLaughlin
  • Katie Douglas: Kate Coughlin
  • Jeremy Piven: Johnny Binkley
  • Terrence Howard: Lamont Robbins
  • Lovi Simone:Wendy Robbins
  • Sally Kirkland: Mrs. Kelly
  • William Mark McCullough:Walsh
  • Bill Dawes: Billy the bus driver
  • Maggie Wagner:Barbara Douglas
  • Dan Rhodes: Captain Taylor