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Controversy erupts between Rome and Paris over the reception of migrants. France condemns Italy’s “unacceptable behavior” in connection with the migrant aboard the Ocean Viking. A French government source told AFP that the Italian authorities’ approach was “contrary to the law of the sea and the spirit of European unity”. Olivier Veran, a spokesman for the Paris administration, insisted that Italy “should honor its role” and “respect its European obligations” by welcoming the Ocean Viking, where hundreds of migrants have been stranded. “The boat is currently in Italian territorial waters, with very clear European rules accepted by the Italians, who are the first beneficiaries of the European Financial Cohesion Mechanism,” Veran added.

Last night Prime Minister Georgia Meloni thanked France for taking in the Ocean Viking and its 234 migrant passengers. “But at the moment I speak to you the diplomatic mechanisms are still in operation, so I can’t go any further,” Veran said shortly. “We still have a few more hours of discussions
In any case, we are still at this point, he assured, “However, no one on this boat will be allowed to run the slightest risk, obviously to those on board.”

“Faced with Italy’s deafening silence”, the NGO SOS Méditerranée said yesterday it had asked France to allocate a safe port to the Ocean Viking, which “should arrive in international waters near Corsica on November 10”.

Last Saturday and Sunday in the port of Catania, the ships of two NGOs, Humanity 1 and Geo Parents of Doctors Without Borders, respectively, had their first night without migrants. All those who stayed on board last night were disembarked and taken to a municipally owned sports facility called Palaspedini, next to the Angelo Massimino stadium.

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After a day of rest and time to “refuel”, head of mission Juan Matias Gil announced yesterday that he would “return to the sea to save lives”, regardless of the ministerial order on NGOs, because, he explained, “there we can stop.”. Sos Humanity’s position will be announced today during a press conference scheduled at 11 a.m. at Levante pier.

On the other hand, CGIL Sicily has announced that the ‘Let’s take them down’ protest announced today at 5pm in the port of Catania in support of two NGO ships will not be held.

On legal grounds, an appeal to Catania’s civil court failed as the dispute ended, lawyers for the NGO Sos Humanity are still considering whether to replace Tar del Lazio in a report reported to the captain. With the ship and 35 people on board, 144 migrants were assessed as ‘vulnerable’. “The dispute over the minutes – explains the lawyer Riccardo Campochiaro – is a dispute over the ministerial decree of irrigation on all sides, according to the opinions of renowned Italian and international judges. And the regulation of the Regional Administrative Court is decisive on its application “.

While the European Commission reminds Italy that it has an obligation to guarantee access to asylum procedures for migrants, Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi clearly rejects the attacks: “We will not accept lessons from anyone. Respect for human rights”. Matteo Salvini didn’t answer for once, but was happy to see the Ocean Viking set sail for France: “That’s good. The wind has changed”. But the Democratic Party asked Piantosi to inform the Senate about what was happening, and Secretary Enrico Letta said, “The political game is not over by defining the election of the frustrated as a variation and a slap in the face of civilization and the regime. Law “. Then a ship departs. Ocean Viking – Norwegian flag, French NGO Sos Mediterranee – sails to Marseille. Paris’ decision to welcome him comes after a meeting between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and French President Emmanuel Macron last night. According to information provided to ANSA by a source in the French Interior Ministry, Italy “remained firm in its positions” and “the last phone call took place this afternoon between Ministers Matteo Piantedosi and Gérald Darmanin”.

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The Prime Minister spoke about the issue of migrants. “In recent years – he recalled – we saw the inadequate management of this event, which has created great and obvious difficulties: collapsing hotspots, increased landings, law enforcement agencies at the end. And all this has led to an unsafe environment. .Our goal – he emphasized – for every person Protecting legality, safety and dignity is why we want to end illegal immigration, avoid new deaths at sea and fight human traffickers. The government’s anti-NGO offensive, which launched on September 25, predictably ended up in the crosshairs: those who defined his rule as unconstitutional, ” There are those who attacked him for the residual burden” punishment. It does not apply. “If you will. To stop the interpretation of bureaucratic manifestations – he glowered, answered the journalists – go ahead, but we do not accept lessons from anyone from the point of view of respecting rights u hands “.