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Miramare trial, Falcomatà also guilty on appeal: further 12 months suspension triggered

Miramare trial, Falcomatà also guilty on appeal: further 12 months suspension triggered

The sentence of the Miramare trial came late at night: a new sentence for Falcomatà and all the other defendants. details

Court of Appeal’s verdict in Miramare trial comes late at night: Reggio Calabria mayor, Giuseppe Falcomatà, already suspended as a result of the Severino Act after conviction in the first instance, was again convicted of abuse of office. Condemnation of all other defendants in the investigation related to irregularities in the allocation of the Miramare Hotel to the “Il sottoscala” association led by a businessman friend of Falcomatà Paolo Zagarella, also guilty. The Court of Appeal reduced the terms of the sentence more than the case Balcomata One year and four months of the first degree pass from a One year imprisonmentand A. to all other defendants for one year Six months.

Beyond BalcomataCouncilors of the then council (Marino, Muraca, Neri, Angelone, Nardi, Quattrone and Zimbalati), the municipal administrator SpanoMunicipal Secretary water of life And precisely entrepreneurs Paolo Zagarella. Now, as a result of this conviction, all defendants will be suspended for a further 12 months (with the new procedure from now on).

So, for the municipality of Reggio Calabria, another turbulent phase opens: what is the effect of this judgment on the already very delicate balance of Palazzo San Giorgio? Will the increasingly decrepit and corruption-ridden municipal administration thrive? The second sentence of the conviction on the Miramare trial was actually added to the trial of electoral fraud. Castorina’s suspension of the governorship. The impression is that the next few days will all follow.

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