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Buses left Sicily with the first 246 emigrants to Veneto.  Venice's head of state: "We have no place"

Buses left Sicily with the first 246 emigrants to Veneto. Venice’s head of state: “We have no place”

Venice – There are 246 people who landed in Catania on Tuesday, 50 of whom will arrive in Veneto. Therefore, the cries of alarm of Vittorio Chappalordo, the prefect of Venice (and the coordinator of the seven Venetian provinces), have not been heard, as he has been repeatedly telling the immigration department of the Ministry of the Interior for months that he is putting in this province and this one. Region, no more. The centers of Kona and Bagnoli were closed (and not without consequences: past rulers and vicars ended up on trial for what happened in those reception centers) and at this point, the Serena in Treviso remains barracks. It has already been at the center of tensions and controversies in recent years. Anyway, last night the first bus carrying migrants left for Veneto from the ships Geo Parents, Doctors Without Borders and Humanity 1. However, other refugees would end up in Campania and Piedmont.

Where it is
There is still no official destination: apart from Treviso, the only structures that can welcome them at the moment are the headquarters of the Red Cross in Jesolo, which, however, is not ready to welcome them after the tensions of two years ago. and the Cause of Caritas in Mestre, which is already at capacity. The refugees were temporarily accommodated in Palasbedini, a sports facility provided by the municipality of Catania. The governor spreads his hands: “I don’t know what to say anymore, they send them to us: we will arrange what we can fix, for those who have no place, frankly, I don’t know what will happen. We are sold out ». If Venice cries, the other provinces will certainly not laugh: “We all We are in the same position, there will be a few more places, but with this latest arrival they will surely be full and I have been repeating for months that we are in an emergency. , but no one wants to recognize it”.
The problem is also linked to tenders with restrictions that are certainly less attractive than a few years ago and buffer even the most humane cooperatives. “The managers can no longer take it, the tenders are always deserted – Zappalorto continues – I asked several times to remove some costs, to change the specifications. After calls, we even found fewer places than before. Some reception centers burdened with expensive bills, without renewing contracts with refugees still inside. We have reached the point of wanting to stay because they cannot be within the costs. I wrote, I don’t know how many letters, they did not answer me. We are angry ».

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Never go to Kona again
Zappalorto categorically rules out the idea of ​​reopening the centers. “They closed them and now we’re reopening them?” They are pushing us in a dangerous direction, and we have already seen how it ended with my predecessors, all in testing. Only prime ministers and officials have paid for it, and only representatives of public administration have ended up in the suspect register. I don’t want to be next ». The new interior minister, Matteo Piantedosi, on his first visit to Venice, promised that another major problem, the province’s understaffing, would soon be resolved. “I trust him – Zappalordo concludes – because he is a local man, he comes from the provinces, he knows what he is talking about. I have no reason to doubt his promise, something has already shown that he can do it.