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Settimana con ben due perturbazioni

From Tuesday here comes real autumn, rain, wind and even snow; Forecasts of the week »

Weather: Real autumn here from Tuesday, with rain, wind and even snow; Forecast of the week

A week of two confusionsThe week that has just begun will mark the actual fall And it will give us lots of rain, strong winds and an influx of snow.

The general cycle is changing In the Mediterranean basin, after a long phase, governed by an old and battered African anticyclone, unfortunately forced to retreat to its own lands. In short, the real fall is here, and even though it’s pretty late on the schedule, the next few days remind us that we’re now in mid-November, not the end of summer.

So let’s get ready for a very hectic week on the weather front, and if all goes well, we have two disturbances in our country. After Monday, first between Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th, with the latest showers in the center and northwest (especially in the morning). trouble First it crosses our country when the northern parts are affected, then across the center to the Lower Tyrrhenian. Rain, thunderstorms await us in these areas Snow in the AlpsAtmospheric conditions in the south are relatively dry, except in the lower Tyrrhenian regions, where the risk of events is high.

This map shows the distribution and amount of rain expected for Wednesday the 16th. In colorful areas Fuchsia Accumulations of rain may also reach i 60 / 70 mm. In color by dark blue and 30/40 mm Meanwhile in the blue districts fewer and less significant accumulations are possible.Distribution and amounts of rain expected for Wednesday, November 16Distribution and amounts of rain expected for Wednesday, November 16

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After a Thursday 17 relatively high peaceful Especially Al Center-SouthHowever, here is the in-between Friday 18th and Saturday 19th Prepares the visit Another serious obstacle The fate of the weekend can be greatly compromised. But we will give more details about this in next updates.