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P lies, anteprima –

P lies, anteprima –

We analyzed the trailer for Lies of P, which resembles spirits in a very special Pinocchio-inspired style from Collodi.

When Collodi wrote PinocchioWe don’t think he knows how much his work has impacted the world and how important it is to many. He certainly would not have imagined that in the 21st century his doll would become a steam warrior in a dark belle epok dominated by crazy mechanical creatures. What are we talking about? By Lies of P, she is like spirits who do not hide their sources of inspiration at all.

here for us Preview the lies of P., where we analyze the gameplay.

Pinocchio’s world

Krat city lies P.

A new trailer for the game was recently shared, giving us a first glimpse of what we can expect in Lies of P. Before we dive into a breakdown of what’s on offer, however, let’s take a look at the situation at games World, based on the little information the developers have shared.

P ci porta a . lies ballsA city full of madness and bloodshed. All we have in hand is a note: “Find Mr. Geppetto. He’s here in town.” A departure that – as we will say several times in this article – immediately makes us think of Bloodborne.

Will be Pinocchio And our goal is to “become human, even if the odds are not in our favour.” Moreover, like the original character, we will have to “lie” and this will also determine the end of the game and the tasks described as “correlated procedural tasks”. What this means and how the lies-based mechanic might work, remains to be seen.

But let’s talk about Krat, who thanks to the videos were at least able to see different glimpses. The setting of Lies of P was inspired by the era Belle Epoque europeaie the period from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century. However, what we will explore is no longer the thriving city it once was, but rather a collection of crumbling ruins.

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Stylistically, we know many will immediately think of Bloodborne. But let’s be careful, Miyazaki’s work is based on the Gothic era, before P. L’ Lies’ workmanufacturing It will be one of the most important distinguishing factors between the two works. It will be important for the team to work well on the setup and its (potentially) uniqueness. At the moment, both the interiors and the exteriors seem to be very distinctive, even if it is impossible to analyze them in detail using the few materials available.


bridge lies in
bridge lies in

But let’s get to the point and analyze the fulcrum of the new trailer: the Play By Lies of P. Recently shared video allows us to see different sequences, edited, which immediately give a clear idea: speed. Lies of P is a good paced action game, closer to Bloodborne and Sekiro than Dark Souls.

basics combat system looks clear. We’ll have dodges, normal attacks, loaded shots – maybe they can be combined into combos – and even shotguns, the first big difference with Bloodborne. Also, Pinocchio has a type of contraceptive on his left arm that can be used as a grappling hook. We can see in the video that the protagonist draws an enemy at a medium distance towards himself: it’s a mechanic that could be interesting if it was an integral part of the level design. Simple interaction with distant enemies will allow you to create more vertical and orderly environments without worry. It is not clear, at the moment, whether the hook will also allow you to move in the environment as in Sekiro.

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We also know that the grappling hook won’t be Pinocchio’s only tool. The left arm can also be converted to flamethrower And he will be able to activate power-ups and special attacks, such as an electric strike on the ground that will stun many enemies. We can assume that it will function similarly to Sekiro’s arm, with various upgrades that can be equipped and unlocked as you progress.

The Steam page further states that it will be possible to “combine weapons in many different ways to create something new”. In addition, there will be a number of skills that you can learn to enhance the fight but also provide “unique and useful features”. At the moment it’s impossible to know the end result, but it’s clear that Lies of P’s goal is to deliver a decent player. A variety of approaches in hand-to-hand combat. In fact, we see that Pinocchio uses different weapons in the movie, from thin swords to giant swords and even different types of saws and axes.

One of the streets of Krat in Lies of P
One of the streets of Krat in Lies of P

The video also allows us to note that with enough shots it’s possible shock the enemy, combo interruption and imbalance, to take advantage of the opportunity to safely take additional shots. Breaking posture (or balance if you prefer) is a very important mechanism in this type of game, as it allows you to take extra risk, knowing that you can fend off the enemy by attacking thus avoiding assuming highly defensive strategies slow you down. down the fight.

We also noticed that in one sequence of the video, Pinocchio expels a series of shots: Track the enemy, it lights up in red, while the character is in blue, and finally, performs a particularly powerful attack by “discharging” this colored energy. We don’t know if it’s just a specific skill or if it’s a real game mechanic. In the second case, the defense can also become an aggressive, rather than passive, move. There doesn’t appear to be an action emulating Dark Souls or Bloodborne parry, but it’s possible the team hasn’t implemented it yet: we’re not ruling out anything for now.

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Lies of P is a project clearly intended to capture the attention of fans of spirits and bloodborne in particular. Belle Époque is an intriguing era that can provide places with great visual impact. The focus, however, will be on the combat system, which appears to be fast and full of offensive possibilities, including weapons, skills, and special upgrades such as the grappling hook and flamethrower. It is still a long wait and there will be a way to see it in more detail, but the target audience should definitely keep an eye on it.


  • Dynamic combat system
  • The game promises a variety of weapons and abilities
  • The Belle Époque is interesting


  • The plot / science remains a mystery
  • You are likely to be very derivative
  • Would the level design be sourcing?