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Stray on Steam has more than 60,000 users, the best launch of Annapurna -

Stray on Steam has more than 60,000 users, the best launch of Annapurna –

As expected stray It is grinding excellent numbers on steamWhere they were at the time of this writing Over 60,000 users Contemporary, making it the best ever launch of a game published by Annapurna Interactive.

These details were shared by Always Attentive Benji-Sales, who compared the number of active users on Steam with other Annapurna Interactive titles. The stray now has approx 62,736 active users According to SteamDB, while at launch, Twelve Minutes “only” counted 8021, the overheated Neon White arrived a few weeks ago on Steam and the Nintendo Switch had 3,277.

This result was partly expected: the game has been closely followed by critics and audiences since its announcement and even before its official debut, it was among the top positions in the Steam sales chart only with pre-orders.

On our pages you will find the Stray review, which we remind you is also available for PS5 and PS4, where Tommaso Pugliese says:

“Stray is a little pearl, an adventure capable of delivering truly suggestive sequences and a fascinating story, even poignant in some situations, which is well-founded from well-written lore. Of course, just like a stray cat talking to me terrified of every little jolt, and so the team created A comfortable bubble in which he moves without fear of any flaws, as a result of avoiding blunders but at the same time completely surrendering to the expression of the potential that seems evident in the first few minutes.The way we will have time to think about what Stray failed to be: better focus on what he is Which is the next title you’ll play.”