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Player stats and options in the Bioware – . Infographic

To celebrate N7, the global day that celebrates the Mass Effect saga, Bioware has published an interesting infographic that reveals selection stats Decisive and not by the players in Legendary Edition Mass Effect.

Before we continue, we would like to warn you that the data below relate to important events in the plot of the trilogy, so if you want to avoid any spoiler We advise you not to continue reading.

Legendary Edition Mass Effect

We learned from the stats that most players chose to play at the normal difficulty level in the first two chapters (54 and 50%), and surprisingly, casual was the most popular for the third chapter (35% vs. 28% of normal). ).

At the end of the first game, most Shepherd leaders decided save board (69%), but very few people would trust Odina to be assigned the role of first human advisor (6%), preferring Anderson (85%) or even choosing not to make a choice (9%). Also in the first chapter of the series, 15% of players decided not to recruit Garrus, one of the most famous characters in the series.

The graph also shows which of the . files last The Mass Effect trilogy was the most popular among gamers. 45% decided to destroy all artificial life, 30% decided to combine all organic and artificial life to give birth to a new species, 17% decided to control the Reapers and finally 8% decided not to make any choices.

Legendary Mass Effect Edition, Bioware Infographic
Legendary Mass Effect Edition, Bioware Infographic

To mark N7 Day, Bioware has also released artwork for the next game in the Mass Effect series.

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