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150,000 lines of dialogue?  Perhaps too much, quality can be affected for developers -

Lee vedremo in Starfield e The Elder Scrolls 6? –

In an interesting IGN interview with Todd Howard, Creative Director of Bethesda, Some of the features that focus on team emerged, currently located inside the Xbox Game Studios, in a certain way, aArtificial intelligence And the creation of complex NPCs, features that we can probably see in them Starfield e The Elder Scrolls 6, although it is clear that Howard did not give exact names.

The question began with The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, but Howard said game development, in this case, couldn’t go very far. Depth On these aspects also due to the technical limitations of the launch pads.

However, research into AI and NPCs has continued over the years within Bethesda.

On the one hand, it is about increasing the chances interaction Within the game world, on the other hand, the issue to be addressed inevitably has to do with artificial intelligence and the way non-player characters interact with the player.

“When I think of what we want, you give future games Howard said we’re mostly talking about systems and the depth we can get into, and the other important part is how the AI ​​and NPCs can To answer towards the player. We’ve come a long way in these aspects, I think, and I think they are the two key elements.”

Howard didn’t mention the games in an exact way, but he clearly believes that some of the effects of this ongoing research can be seen in Starfield and in The Elder Scrolls 6. From the same interview, it also emerged that Bethesda did indeed have ideas about Fallout 5 and that single-player games are part of Bethesda and its genes. .

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