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Optical reader makes less noise after updating for different reports -

Optical reader makes less noise after updating for different reports –

Gamers on the PS5 digital edition never had a chance to find out, but the standard edition of PlayStation 5 Suffered from a small problem since D1: if a disc is inserted into the optical drive, every hour the console – if turned on clearly – makes a read, that is, it spins the disk and Makes more noise than just audible noise. The PS5 is quieter than the PS4, but the optical drive can be annoying. Well it looks like after today’s update Operator noise is reduced.

The information was reported by Pushsquare: The newspaper realized the change This was confirmed by a series of discussions that appeared online in the past few hours. Therefore, it is not just an impression on some people. It’s not clear what has actually been accomplished, but with the new update of the PS5 optical drive, when it does its regular reading of the disc every hour, it makes less noise. We don’t have a way to test it in first person at the time of writing, but we assume that the rotational speed has been reduced to reduce the vibration and hence the noise.

PS5 Standard: Less noise than optical drive

Nor is it the only new “hidden” feature in the PS5 update: there are new power-up functions and more. Don’t forget that there are new PS5 and PS4 games added to the shows.

Finally, we want to point out that the PS4 has also received a new firmware update: This is the 8.50 update, here’s the news.